In Memory

Dave Arend  ? - 12/8/08

Mary Lou Caswell  12/31/57 - 2/15/98

Rick Cone

Dan Dell'aria

Rena Dibello  9.4.58 - 10/79  

Frank Dostal  ? - 11/11/06

Kay Duerr*  4/27/59 - 7/8/04

Ron Graupman  5/23/58 - 5/92

Robyn Hendel Damico  4/9/57 - 2015

Steve Jonas  ? - 7/15/08

Ray Keltz ? - 3/16

Peter Klem  9/11/58 - 3/25/2012

Ron Latacki  

Eric Mann  ? - 10/10/2012

Robert Martens ("Herbie")  2/25/58 - 7/30/02

Tim McGrain  ? - 1/14/14

Lori Mila

Paul Minardo  1/6/57 - 9/10/94

Cheryl Saunders  2/4/58 - 5/5/89

Robyn Schlaefer  12/23/57 - 11/77

Laurie Smith 

Robert Stahlecker  4/23/58 - 11/79

Walter Suratny  1/10/58 - 11/79

Kathryn Taylor*  7/8/58 - 8/4/79

Paul Testa  9/21/58 - 11/79

Daniel Thomas  7/10/57 - 1/78

Teresa Wales Hubbard  ? - 11/27/13

Steve White 6/30/57 - 8/79

Larry Woodhouse  12/4/57 - 5/22/2012


*Kay Duerr: After the 2006 30-year reunion, our class made a donation to The American Diabetes Association. Our classmate, Kay Duerr, passed away from this terrible disease in July of 2004. To help raise money, class artist Laura Wilder made select prints available at the reunion. Contributions from this, and a donation jar helped raise money given to The American Diabetes Association in memory of Kay.

*A Message about Kathy "Kit" Taylor from Howard Cohen:

Each year at Mother's Day, Kit Taylor's mother, Mary Jane, checks out the first bloom of the tree planted in Kit's memory at Nazareth College. Kit was our classmate who died at age 21 from Cystic Fibrosis. During the making of the reunion video last July (2001), Mary Jane invited me to join her for the 2002 bloom.

It was a very touching afternoon. The campus was active, as college students were preparing to leave for the semester. Graduation was approaching at the end of the week, and Mary Jane reminisced about how much Kit loved that campus and that school. Mary Jane attended the graduation that Kit was not able to - she had died the year before.

Her tree looked fantastic, and Mary Jane commented to me that friends have told her they believe the tree has 2 main trunks, symbolizing the strength and the bond that Kit and her Mom enjoyed during Kit's life (her father died early in her life).

The tree is located at Nazareth College, in between the library, and Inspiration Garden.

Kit's mother wrote to the reunion committee:

From deep in my heart comes my appreciation for your generous contribution to Kit's Fund.  When Howard approached me for material to use in his video, I was so touched to know that Kit was indeed not forgotten.  Her memorial at Strong Hospital keeps her memory alove, and your efforts to be a part of that means more than you know.  Thank you so very much. 

Sincerely, Mrs. Mary Jane Taylor

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