Thomas Ricks
I am the Middle East, European and World History Teacher, 1972-73 with my wife, Janice, the 10th Grade Math Teacher. We stayed one year in Tehran and one summer returning to New Jersey, USA with our two newly adopted Persian daughters, Cynthia and Laila. Both Janice and I got jobs in New Jersey; she teaching math in Freehold and I completing my Ph.D. thesis at Princeton University. We lived in Avon-by-the-Sea for that one year (1973-74)
In June 1974, I was hired to teach at Macalester College, in St. Paul, MN and so all four of us made our way to the Twin Cities for the next year, 1974-75 when I was hired to teach at Georgetown University in 1975 - 1983, Middle East History with a focus on Iran. Janice and the girls and I lived in Arlington, VA for eleven years - I then left for Palestine for a 2-year job.
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