Commemorative T-Shirt
Online Registration is currently closed. Henceforth tickets can be purchased at the entrance of the Empire Ballroom on Friday April 15 and the Palladian Foyer on April 16 beginning at 6:15 pm for $350.00/ person.


A customized T-shirt commemorating the 2016 Iranzamin Reunion will be on sale during the event.

The beautiful logo and design were created by Dariush Mirfendereski (Class of 1981) and will be on sale for $20.00. 

 Make sure you don't leave the reunion without a T-Shirt for yourself and one for a loved one!


About the IZAA logo

The IZAA logo, displayed on this website and elsewhere, was created by the talented Dariush Mirfendereski (class of 1981).

The logo incorporates symbols from Iranzamin's history and our ancient culture. It builds on Iranzamin's historic school logo, which included the concepts of a ‘tree’, the globe, and protective/caring/nurturing hands. Using this logo as inspiration, Dariush selected the Cypress or "Sarv" tree as one component of the logo. The cypress is often mentioned in classical Persian poetry as a distinguished garden tree and occurs in a variety of metaphors []. A magnificent cypress in the village of Abarqūh in Fārsthan (shown to the righ) is believed to be 4,000 years old—not only by far the oldest known tree in Persia but also one of the oldest living organisms in the world.  The cypress tree also has a long history of artistic depiction. It has Greek/Roman/Lebanese/Persian/Chinese depictions and names and variants all over the world, so in addition to being important in Iranian/Persian history, it has wide international relevance. The shape shown in the original school logo may well have been intended to represent the ‘sarv’ or cypress tree. 

Dariush then wove in our ancient culture by incorporating the paisley motif into the logo. Some design scholars believe the Paisley design to be the convergence of a stylized floral spray and a cypress tree: a Zoroastrian symbol of life and eternity.The Paisley is a well known international design motif named after a town in Scotland. It is used extensively across the world in many genres of fabric design: Italian fabrics, American quilt work, British floral designs, etc. as well as on Persian carpets and textile. In looking at the logo:

  • the Paisley shape makes the overall design shape surrounding the centre 'A' .
  • the shape of a cypress or Sarv is at the centre of the logo, forming the outline for the letter 'A' in alumni.

The combination of the two elements and the abbreviation for Iranzamin Alumni Association (IZAA) informs the final design, which is our current logo.

The IZAA is indebted to Dariush for his time and dedication in creating a unique symbol that collectively represents our school and culture.

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