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Welcome to Reu-Knighted.
Website for Robinson High School
Classes of 1961 to 1965
You are invited to Reu-Knight with members of the classes of 1961 to 1965 at Saddlebrook Resort on AUgust 1 and 2, 2014.

You can take advantage of this web site to communicate with our classmates. You MUST create or update your profile to send emails to other classmates. If you have a recent photo of yourself and/or family, you can post it to your profile. You may also post a "Then" picture from your yearbook. To do this, click on the Knight Profiles page and  create a classmate profile by clicking the "Create Your Profile" link.

Classmates that have posted profiles, photos and stories may or may not be planning on attending your reunion.  This is just an area for communication and it is not a list of those attending your reunion, so please take a moment to create or update your classmate profile.

NOTE: Once you have added your details, it may take up to 24 hours for the web organizer to authenticate your profile, so please be patient and do not create a second profile.

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