Dear Class Members,

Our 50th Reunion has come and gone.  It was a great success and everyone seemed to have a great time.  If you weren't able to come, we're sorry you missed it.  We realize some were unable to come due to family illness or otherwise.  Some are just not able to travel far distances like we used to and we understand that.

We had an attendance of 160 and so proud that we were able to honor Dr. E.C. Leslie as our former principal at the Lubbock High Cafeteria Saturday morning.  He even came Saturday night to the dinner and dance which was an extra we weren't expecting, but very glad to have him as our guest.  Our special thanks to Bill Carter and his wife for bringing Dr. Leslie to the school and the dinner.  

Saturday morning we were also honored to have Mr. Gene Medley, Mr. Brad Snodgrass, Mr. Mel Carter and even Mr. Gordon Downum, my principal from Thompson Jr. High.  

All classmates in attendance Saturday night received a CD of '69 music.  If you didn't get one, let me know and I'll be glad to mail you one as long as they last.

You can check out the pictures from the reunion on our "50th Reunion Photos" page listed to the left of this page.  You can also see all the classmates address, phone numbers and emails on the "Classmates" page.

If you move or know of a classmate that I have the wrong information on, please let me know.  It helps to save postage if we have all the correct information on everyone.  

Deceased classmates are listed on the "In Memory" page.  If you have information about a classmate passing, please let me know.  The more information I can get the better.  I try to print up the obituaries for each classmate and put them in my Memory Book.  I try my best to honor each classmate in an appropriate way.

Wish all of you well until we see you again in 5 years, if not sooner.  Take care and keep in touch.

Cathy Lindley Scott

"Once A Westerner, Always A Westerner"

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