Is anyone intrested indoing a 35 year class reunion a 2018?  Please email or call me with thoughts and ideas 813.765.2222 or cherylholley@aol.com 




Our dear friend and classmate Michael “Mike” Love 9/19/65 -10/14/15 passed away Wednesday along with his dog Sidney.  

(see Tab Mike Love for more information)

David Pott's  is on Facebook (David Potts Sr.), Kim Schuler (Kim Wade)  and Sherry Janacek (Sherry Edgar) Classquest.  Make sure you say hello.

With Sadness, Ricky Watson's brother Robie Watson has passed away.  See info under friends and family tab.  

 Laura Venable Griffin who lost her brother, Mark Venable.  (see under Friends & Family tab)

Michele Dyer Fenner's sister, Canelia A. Dyer Passed away (see under Friends & Framily tab)

Please keep Willie Jerome Brown, II family and friends in your prayers. Our Classmate, Jerome Brown III, Father passed away last night at the hospital. (See under family & friends tab)

This is a repost from Gina Cookie Hall Update on the fire......the fire returned this morning (Monday 3/24/14) and my family lost mostly everything meaning.....we were only able to savage the laundry the was being done...washer, dryer, toaster, few fine China items, the televisions...we disconnect on Sunday. God has a way of doing things....And I thank Him so much....that no life was taken. 
The neighbors lost alot as well....the duplex is definitely a total lost.

Lorna Moore McGlaughlin's brother Shawn Moore passed away (See under Family & Friends Notice) 


Thank you to all the committee Members, sponsors and all those who attended the 30 Year Reunion.

 For those of you who did not attend you were missed.  


 Marsha Clarke's Mother passed away Oct 17.  See under "Friends and Family" for more information.


Special Thank you to our Sponsors: Rocky's, CABI, Fat Troy's Farm, Palko & Assoc., International Executive Protection, Burnetti, Thomas, Berke PA



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