Menlo-Atherton Class of 1981
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Welcome to the

30th Year
High School Reunion!


Dear Fellow Classmates and Friends…
It happens to all of us…you hear a Journey song (now a classic!) on the radio and you are transported back to high school.  You drive past an A&W and the smell of a Papaburger permeates your senses, and now you are reminiscing about the many times you sat eating burgers and fries in your car at the Menlo Park A&W. You’re shoe shopping with your daughter and low and behold….Sbicca shoes are back in vogue…and whoa!  it’s  1981 all over again.  How is it possible that 30 years have passed since we walked the halls of Menlo-Atherton High School?   Wasn’t it only yesterday when the Varsity Football team pulled some whoop a** on that OTHER school and finally broke the 9 game jinx?   Wasn’t it just yesterday that we sat on the ‘green’ listening to music at lunchtime?  Could it be 30 years since the infamous Senior Breakfast took place?  Nah, it can’t be, cause we know most of you can recall Mr. Ogren’s very livid face like it just happened this morning.  Oh it’s true…it’s been three decades.
In 30 years we have taken far different paths, set off on adventures unique to each of us,  but we have one thing that is shared, and that is M-A.  The road we all began on was right at the corner of Middlefield Road and Oak Grove Avenue.  Together we walked the halls, heard the echoes of slamming lockers, took drivers ed. and ran a few laps alongside Coach Parks on his infamous birthday marathons.  We had crushes and heartbreaks, we laughed and cried and maybe indulged in a little mischief.  These are the memories that are etched into our hearts and memories.  
 On July 23rd we will gather once more to share our common link.  We’ll laugh and enjoy old friendships, reconnect with those we’ve lost touch with, make new friends of old acquaintances and hopefully we discover that we were never that different to begin with.
So book that flight, make that hotel reservation, call your favorite stylist,  hit the gym to lose those pesky 7 lbs (though we’ll love you just the way you are!) call up your favorite babysitter because the reunion won’t be complete without YOU!  We are the Bears, the Maroon and Gold….we are the Class of 1981!!  Hope to see you in July!

The Class of 1981 Reunion Committee