We'll give you the help you need - a little or a LOT!

So you have a committee, have announced it on Facebook and have a ton of classmates committed to attending your reunion, BUT you just need a little help. 

Can you answer YES to one of these questions?

*   You don't want to open a checking account and be responsible for all those checks from your classmates,

*   Your graduating class is small,

*   You have your own DJ,

*   Don't want a photographer,

*   You don't have the time to create a database, much less manage and update it.

If there was a YES to one of those statements, that is where we come in!  We'll give you a little help - OR as much help as you want.

*  We'll create a free and secure website for you -
(we have to do it so we can confirm that it is secure to accept credit cards from your classmates),

*  We'll create that database so we can mail invitations to your classmates,

*  We'll search for current addresses for your classmates,

*  We'll mail the invitation to your classmates,

*  We'll accept credit card payments on-line & personal checks until 30 days before your reunion,

*  We'll make the nametags for your reunion, AND

*  We'll be there to manage the door at your reunion so you can enjoy the party and have a great time!

Go to "Plan Your Reunion", complete the form and it will come to us.  We'll contact you within 48 hours.