BHS Class of 1990 - Reunion Page
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Stephanie Music & Kelli Rupe
Wacky day homecoming week
Volleyball road trip
The ref
You talkin to me???
pajama day
Basketball road trip
Misty! :)
Misty! :)
Formal??? I forgot. We went to 3 together!
My date dancing the night away
Chad a Ron sticking their tongues out.
Foreign Exchange student (Constantine?) and Cheerleaders
Driller Cheer 1990
Candi and Debbie @ Cheer camp
Debbie and Erin
Twin/Triplet Day...Kelly See, Erin McDonnell and Debbie Cardiel
Matt, Brian and Brandon
Bill and Debbie...Graduation!!!
Andrea and Debbie
Seniors in Elm Grove
Seniors in Elm Grove
Brady Beck
Mr. Graham and Bill
Yearbook time!
Yearbook signing
Debbie, Leslie, Andrea, Kirstin, Trisha, Amy, Candi
Amy Smith
Jason F, Jack W and Brandon P
Sammy, Jason and Brady
Mike, Bill and Jason
Scott Stanley and Debbie Cardiel
Kelly See and Debbie Cardiel
Homecoming 1988
Mr. Krafthefer on Clash Day
Sonja Boschman
Heidi Murray & Mr. Graham
Chad Davis
Merry, Kirsten & Krista - Dance class
Senor Acosta!!
Terry, Cammie & Bobby
Matt & Amy in Senor Acosta's Spanish class
Mark & Scott bust a move at prom!
Junior Float 1988
Mark & Seth
Homecoming 1988
Float 1988
Mr. Krafthefer (aka Mr. Cheese Cow) on Clash Day!
Float 1988
Chad & Alex - Float 1988
Scott & Jassen - Twin Day
Kirsten & Heidi - Twin Day 1988
Lyndi Martin & Alisa Suburu
Missy, Sonia, Staci, Trisha & Michele
Sophomore Float
Scott Davis & Jeff Bolton
Chris Amble & Jassen Froehlich
Lisa Collins
Michele B, Nicki T & Christy M
Shelly Cole in Typing Class
1987: Chris Amble in Spanish Class
1987: Candi Rojas & Jassen Froehlich
Debbie C, Carrie W, Michelle S & Amy S
Freshman Year 1987: Brandon P, Michelle B, Candi R, Jeannie Y & Jeff B
Freshman Year 1987: Michelle D, Jodi K & Heidi M
Freshman Year: Jeannie Y, Terrie H, Connie P, Kristen N, Anne S & Kitty M
The Big Day!
Jassen, Jason, Scott, Constantine and Nicki
Brady and Chad holding Christy at the Senior Breakfast.
Jassen Froehlich - Jason Howard - hmmm...well...I guess the picture speaks for itself. High School was one weird place.
David, Scott, Chad, Mark and Kyle singing!
Scott Stanley, Jason Howard, Mike Green, Jassen Froehlich, David Simmons, Matt Allen or as a group..."The Village People" - The Senior Rally Act that caused Nick Graham to explode and almost caused 6 seniors to be expelled! It was still the best show in y
Jason Oliver is #1
Isaac Garcia, David Simmons, Mike Green, Chad Smith, Jassen Froehlich - Powder Puff 1990
Mike Doyle's work of art!
Drillers are mighty in 1990!
Jennifer Beals, JK, Nicki Thomas
That is one big Danny Driller! Class of 90 Senior Float for homecoming
Howdy Hop!
Matt Steele - artist & one great guy!
Shelly, Krista & Leslie
Driller Spirit!
Strike a pose!
Sophomore Float
Scott - Freshman year
Seth, Chad, Mike, Brady & Ron
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