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Class of 1990 - 30th Year Reunion!!

30th Year Reunion - Are you in?

Hey Drillers! Can you believe it's almost time for a 30th year reunion? 

There is a Facebook group "BHS Class of 1990" that has been created; we invite each of you and we hope you all will follow the group here. Many people are on social media and so this is a way for us all to connect quickly and in real time as the planning is getting started for a 30th year reunion. 

Please follow the group here for the most current news and updates:

The planning is in the early stages so stay tuned and GO DRILLERS!

Sharon Lindberg (Sharon Johnstone)
Class of 1990 Grads who have passed away

We would like to make sure we remember all of our classmates that have unfortunately passed away too soon in our life.  If you know of someone in our class that has passed, please send me their name and we will post their obituary and photo on our "In Memory" page.

Thank you for your help,

Scott Stanley

Scott Stanley
Matt Steele

Hey Scott!

Thanks for remembering those that have passed away!  That is really really sweet.  Matt would have LOVED coming back to Bako for this.  We miss him so much every day.  Sucks he had to die so soon!!

Hope you are well!

Carrie (Steele) Eacker

Carrie Eacker
Matt Steele (part 2)

Here's a picture for his obituary.

carrie eacker
Thanks for the memories

Many thanks to the reunion organizers - you did a fabulous job. Go Drillers!

Jennifer Sweet-Farness

Jennifer Sweet
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