Robbinsdale High School Class of 1969
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Best memories:  Anyone else remember working on stage crew for Molly Brown?

Wendy Covington
Mr. Young's English Class

Perhaps one of the most frequent memories I have of RHS is my senior English class with Mr. Young.  I teach high school now and I don't think my students could ever survive the rigor Mr. Young "exposed" us to.  To this day I can still remember all of Shakespeare's plays, the main characters, etc.  I coach Quiz Bowl and my students still are amazed that I know this stuff.  I my age...I'm amazed that I can still remember this stuff, too!


Howard Schwartz
Mr. Young's Class

I too remember Mr. Young, but the Shakespeare must have not captured my attention.  I do not recall any of it.   In my memory there is a visual of him  in the front of the classroom, playing a record, the volume low yet audible, with classical music??   At the time I recall being perplexed by the background music.  I frequently will listen to background music of the classical style and am no longer perplexed by it.  Mr. Young is a fond memory in my mind. 


Marcy Neznik
Irreplaceable Mr. Young...

Mr. Young is the most vivid memory I have of all my teachers...I remember his love of lemon drops,  hippopotamusses (or is that hippopotami?) and his frequent Mondays off ----not to mention his tale of satin sheets...


Wendy Covington
Of Course, Mr. Young!

Senior year English! Brings memories of record playing, our own version of MacBeth, fear and trembling, high expectations, hard work. I was puzzled by him, yet hung on his every word. Remember--How do you reply to idiots? "OIC"  On one of my papers, he wrote "a little more work, and less self pity." One thing stands out though...he made you THINK!


Janice Nordstrom
Mr. Adams and Select Choir

Whenever the days were tough, Mr. Adams' choir class was always a respite.  He was a good music director, kind of a grouch, but loveable.  I made so many friends there!  My favorite Mr. Adams story:  I was a sophomore and he took a group of students on a trip to the U of M to hear the Minnesota Orchestra in Northropl.   My sister, Pam (a senior), told me how everyone actually went to Bridgeman's for ice creamn - instead of the concert.   I thought I would be going with her, but she got sick that day - so I followed Bob St. Cyr who told me "don't worry, everybody does it!"  And right in the middle of my hot fudge sundae, in walks Mr. Adams taking down names!  Yikes!

The next day, they read the names off - over the P.A. system no less - of people who were given detention for skipping the concert.  It was a roll call of shame.  You could hear a pin drop as everyone listened.  My palms sweated  my heart pounded, and at the end  - they didn't read my name at all!

I was so relieved, but by day's end I I felt so bad about everyone else being punished but me that I "turned myself in" to Mr. Adams.  From the look on his face, I'm he had purposely left my name off because I was the ONLY sophomore on that list!  So - after two full weeks of detention under Miss Mona's eagle eye - Mr. Adams I became good friends.  At the start of my senior year, I came ;to choir and he handed me a pass from study hall to his choir room.  It was marked "all year" - so I spent all my senior year study time in Mr. Adams office studying.  (And some times I even studied.)  Great guy.  

I assume he's passed away.  Anyone know for sure?? 


Michael Nelson
Miss Nella Peterson--10th Grade Typing Class

   Miss Peterson's "typing" class gave me the skills to "land" jobs (George Matson Construction Company and H&H Knitwear) to pay my tuition through the University of Minnesota.   During my years of teaching 7th grade social studies, I could answer student questions and/or keep my "eyes peeled" on my students during work time, while still "typing"!    Amazing!    P.S.  I'm am so glad that the erase tape is "a thing of the past".  It was so stressful when "typos" were made!    P.P.S. Anyone remember the speed/accuracy tests in the beginning of class????


Dorothy Aho
Typo On Above Story!

1st person to "Catch The Typo" on the above story with win a trip for two to The Spam Museum in Austin, Minnesota!


Dorothy Aho
More Typing Stories

I had Phaelen Johnson for typing.  Absolutely no erasing or correction tape.  We had to start over.  As for timed writings, etc., my high school teaching department (Business and Marketing Education) still teaches keyboarding to English Language Learner students.  Yes...we still have timed writings.


Howard Schwartz
Carolynne Voglund

I was not such a scholarly type-but Miss Voglund's stories about history digs in the Eastern Mediterranean I found intriguing to say the least.  A few years later I found myself and my future wife wandering around Italy and Greece; and it was everything Miss Voglund had said and a whole lot more.  Heady days indeed!  At any rate; I retire from the Railroad in 1.5 years and the plan is to pick up where we left off in Thessoloniki, and to take a year.  From there?  We will see...but I have always wanted to get to Russia and now that those damn reds are gone this is a possibility...

Jeff Grab



Mr. Young, Mr. Adams, and Miss Studlien

I enjoyed reading everyone's stories, since I have similar thoughts and memories of these special teachers.  Like Mike Nelson, I also thought Mr. Adams was a grumpy but great guy and found choir to be a kind of "solace" in the day.  I had Mr. Young and thought he was interesting, but I was a bit afraid of him.  He once told me I was one of the characters in Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises.  I always meant to read that book and figure out who I supposedly was.  I took typing for a full year from Miss Studlien, that very tall, quiet, sweet blond lady.  I agree with you, Dorothy Aho--knowing how to type fast got me many a job.  For the times, it was a great course to take.  


Roberta Lensink
Marching Band

Any one remember that marching band trip to Dallas, Texas?  I believe it was for an international Lions' Club convention.  It seems that one of the buses had a problem with the a/c being too cold, and a couple people climbed onto the overhead luggage rack to escape the cold.  We stopped real early for breakfast at a cafe.  The staff was expecting us a couple hours earlier, so the food had to sit until we arrived.  Among other things, they served us grits.  Never having tasted it before, I had absolutely no clue how to eat it.  Put milk & sugar on it?  Put syrup on it?  Plain?  Yuck! 

Leanne Hahn
broken limb ski club

Gary Koch and myself jack Lundquist  started and ran the club are senior year. Not many seniors went on   are trips but it  w as a lot of fun. Gary  and myself made a little money, it was alot of fun. If anybody  wants t contact me my cell # is 612-859-7229 call me any time. Jack m Lundquist

Jack Lundquist
Carolynne Voglund

I was not such a scholarly type-but Miss Voglund's stories about history digs in the Eastern Mediterranean I found intriguing to say the least.  A few years later I found myself and my future wife wandering around Italy and Greece; and it was everything Miss Voglund had said and a whole lot more.  Heady days indeed!  At any rate; I retire from the Railroad in 1.5 years and the plan is to pick up where we left off in Thessoloniki, and to take a year.  From there?  We will see...but I have always wanted to get to Russia and now that those damn reds are gone this is a possibility...

Jeff Grab


Marching Band - Trip to Dallas (Joel Ward)

Yes Leanne, I remember the Dallas trip very well. Steve Wold and I ended up being the only two boys on an otherwise all-girl bus. I went up in the luggage rack to escape the girls ... just kidding. Actually I did sleep up in the overhead rack, but just because I was a little crazy and it was the only place one could sleep horizontally. (Some place I have a picture of me up in the rack.)

I thought it was a great trip, especially the amusement park "Six Flags Over Texas". AND the fact that the 3 bands that beat us (by only a few hundreths of a point) were ALL-STATE bands, meant that were were the top HIGH SCHOOL band in the country at that competition. Very cool.

When we kicked into "Entry of the Gladiators" between those tall buildings in Dallas, it was POWERFUL! It's one of my favorite HS memories. Thanks for bringing it up, Joel

Joel Ward
Kevin Haagenson's motorcycle picture

In our '69 annual, the picture of Luanne and Gary Carter on the motorcycle, the motorcycle used to be Kevin Haagenson's bike first VERY INTERESTING DON’T YA THINK ?   At the reunion - remember me and LUANNE DANCED TO CHARLES ALLEN BAND, THE FAB BAND CALLED THE YOUNGSTERS.   HOPE too hear more from the band in the future they were great to see in our former lunchroom RIGHT!    


CALL ME:  612-859-7229   JACK M. LUNDQUIST

see ya soon, ok

Marcy Neznik
It's a small world after all!

Dan Belden's "little" brother just tuned our piano!  (I say "little" because he's well over 6 ft.!)

Wendy (Covington) Penna

I really don't remember any of those teachers.   The ones I remember are Ms. Ross and Dr John for typing.   Sometimes I think I did go to a different school then you.   Hope all is well with all.

Rita Essig
Mr. Young was the BOMB!

I will never forget our vocabulary assignments and how he required us to select a certain number of words and their meanings from the dictionary. Then we would read aloud a selection of our chosen words/meanings and he would grade the diversity of words we had chosen to include in our assignment. I actually learned so much from that exercise in the years to come, and learned to love the English language with a passion. I remember bringing in a Rod McKuen album to contribute to his music library and his appreciation for my interest in the poet/songwriter.  He made a lifelong impression on me with his progressive teaching style and dry sense of humor.  I have silently thanked him many times.

Cheryl Pederson

Mr. Plutt instilled in me a love for theater. I will always be grateful for that love and still perform today.

Bill Elwood
Mr. Adams and choir

This was always my favorite class, and music became my profession for 16 years. In response to Mike Nelson's query...sadly Mr. Adams passed in 2007

Cliff Wiebke
Mister Adams

In response to the other Mr. Adams stories he was a big part of my development musically as was Mr.Thompsons music theory class. Honestly the main thing I remember about high school is hanging around he choir room and playing the piano. Both great teachers. 

Keith Follese
Dorothy Jacobson

I see Dorothy Jacobson (girls PE teacher) every fall at a University of Minnesota Physical Education alumni breakfast.  It was held last Saturday, September 26.  She looks terrific and is always so gracious.  She always gives me a big hug.  I so look forward to seeing her every year.

 Kathy Fraser

Kathryn Fraser
Enjoying Other's Stories!

Reading other's memories told me that I don't remember anything specific about school...I can remember people and some teachers, but sorry, no anecdotes!  I have been tested for Alzheimers, but don't have it, so I don't have any excuse.  I must just live in the moment!  At the moment it is 104 degrees F in Mesa, AZ.

I remember being in Mr. Young's 12th grade English.  I do not remember anything about Shakespeare, but I recall that the word Enthused was unacceptable.  At that time, it was not in the dictionary, but it is in the dictionary now.

Mr. Adam's choir class, Madrigal Singers, and concerts were the highlight of high school for me.

Dorothy Aho, It took me three reads, but I finally found the "typo" that you mentioned.  Two years ago my husband and I stopped and toured the Spam Museum and enjoyed it thoroughly!

I grew up living across the street from Susan Walsh Broks (Class of '68) and we have been friends for 61 years. Just wanted to throw in a little bit of trivia, and hope that all of you have some wonderful, lasting friendships.

Marnee (Burnham) Bogle


Marnee Burnham
Senior Madrigal

Marnee Burnham Bogle's mention of Senior Madrigal reminded me of this story... I also was in Senior Madrigal and as I recall, we were constantly outshined by the the Juniors' Madrigal. They just had a better sound, and even we could hear it. Mr. Adams, our choir director, kept working and working with us, but it was pretty clear he thought we were second best, but kept working on our sound. We just weren't gelling. Finally, the the day came for us to compete at the state competition. Mr. Adams was unable be there, so we went alone. (He told me privately that he expected the juniors to win the A rating, and wished us luck!) One by one the groups sang before the judges. The junior sounded as good as ever, I thought. Then it was our turn. We began our first song and slowly the judges put down their pens and just listened. (This was unusual and they hadn't dne this when the juniors performed). At the end of the day, they announced that they'd given us - not the juniors - an 'A' rating! We were shocked. Come Monday morning, Mr. Adams abruptly stopped me before classes and said, ?I want you and the others to meet me at third period. I'll arrange passes." When we gathered in his room, he sat at his piano and gave us our pitches to sing. Closing his eyes and listened till we were done. Finally he spoke. "Well, I don't know what happened, but you sure sound different. Congratulations!" 

Thanks, Marnee, for jogging my memory (and hello to you_!

Michael Nelson

Venice, CA

Michael Nelson
Don Raether, drafting teacher

My favorite class at RHS was Machine Drawing taught by the legendary Don Raether. Although I didn't know it at the time, Mr. Raether and the Machine Shop instructor had created a "service learning" project for students in their two classes: drawing students created and drew the specifications for two machines (one of them was a vertical belt sander, I think), and machine shop students built the machines. When I graduated, Mr. Raether recommended me as a draftsman to work at an engineering firm that designed structural steel for large buildings. Don was a really good, kind person.

Karl Schnapp
Typing, typos, Mr. Young, etc

I’m having so much fun reading these memories that I had to add my own.  Mr. Young.  Yes, he made one think.  He told me once that I was a character in Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises, so of course, I read the thing.  There wasn’t any female character that I wanted to be like.  I also remember his distaste for ”cut flowers.”  He made such a big deal out of it.  I love cut flowers in a vase.  I had heard that he had a bathtub in his front yard with flowers in it.  Did anyone ever check that out?  Apparently, he never cut them.  

Dorothy, Aho, I found your typo.  You wrote ”I’m am so glad....Has anyone else caught it, or do I win the tickets to the Austin Spam Museum?  Typing was the most practical class I ever took. It got me so many interesting jobs at the U of M that helped with my expenses.  I have to boast, my best speed score was 93 WPM with 3 errors.  

Janice Nordstrom, I always thought you were so pretty, and I see that you still are.  Wow. 

Mike Nelson, I loved your story about Mr. Adams.  He was a loveable grouch for sure.  Looking forward to seeing you this coming fall.  

Roberta (Bobbi) Lensink
The stories make it real!

Reading other’s stories were very entertaining, and, I must say, memory jogs for me. A Reunion can be scary. Will I remember anyone, and better yet, will anyone remember me? One definitely has to step out of their comfort zone to attend a 50th Reunion, especially when you haven’t organized to gather and meet with old friends, essentially, you are alone. 

So, I too loved Mr. Adams Choir Class. It was the one stress-free class where, as an alto, sitting next to Bonnie who had a strong, on-pitch voice, I had a great view of all of the beautiful Sopranos, and better yet, the Tenors and Bass singers. I mean really, who didn’t love watching the sections sing!  (And maybe a really cute blond-blue eyed guy that would turn red-faced when he saw I was looking at him.) I was a Senior Madrigal Singer for a while, and loved it. But because I began Kindergarten at 4, most all other classmates had their Driving License way before I did, and I didn’t have parents that were willing to drive me to what I thought was important, as happens in today’s world. I couldn’t get to all of the practices, and had to drop out. 

My typing teacher was male (but I can’t remember his name). He prided himself in RIPPING your paper out of the manual typewriter with a flair, if he even thought you might have looked away from your copy manual. That happened only once to me, and I really wasn’t looking towards my fingers/keyboard. 103 wpm was my tops wo/errors. Could do it still today. 

I loved Senior English class, and reading Beowulf and The Oddessy. She introduced me to a whole new world, (and I apologize for not remembering her name, but I can picture her face to this day.)

i found Homeroom a “grounding” way to start the day.  Seeing friends between classes, and the challenges of getting to the next class on time was always fun.  I loved PEP CLUB, football—hockey—tennis. High school years at Robbinsdale were magical, with wonderful, real people. 

Susan Hargarten
Shakespeare and farming

Hi everyone,

I didn't have Mr. Young for English but  after reading some of your stories I wish I had...he sounds like he was a pretty cool guy...then again maybe back then I wouldn't have felt the same...I've "grown up" a bit since then.  

The memories of studying Shakespeare then isn't very strong...I do love his plays now though.  In fact, I just saw an outdoor stage production of Much Ado About Nothing here in Fort Collins where I currently live.  I've seen many of his works on outdoor stages.  All my kids have a love for theater and have been on stage ( I liked being behind the scenes taking care of stage design etc )...from 4-H theater club to community theater organiztions and to the Minneapolis Childern's Theater where Peter, my oldest, went to school the year before they shut that program down.  I attribute the love of theater to my mom, maybe some of you had her for your counselor, and the awesome theater department that RHS had.  Peter's first experience to theater was when he was  2 and mom and I took him to see RHS's version of The Christmas Carol.  Anyway, I l love Shakespeare!!

I'm also curious to know if any of you decided to be an organic farmer like me? 


Kathy Ondov
Boys will be boys.

So for the Homecoming parade of 1969, Scott Savage and I decided to "talk" several new car dealerships into lending us a new convertable for the parade. We got a 1968 white Ford Torino convertable that actually was in the parade, and a 1968 green Plymouth Fury convertable that we just "tooled around " in for that weekend.

Come the next week when we returned the cars to Brookdale Ford and the Chrysler place on Brooklyn Blvd, I'm sure there were two salespersons that gave a sigh of relief that they got the cars back at all and without any damage!

Mark Muckelberg
Can't fool those school secretaries.

Well one day in 1968 or 69, Larry Larson and I (Mark Muckelberg) decided that we would call in sick and spend the day having some fun. We both called in as each other's fathers (like that would really fool them!), and from inside the bowling alley across 36th Ave. Boy, what a pair of brainiacs we were!

Well we did have fun. All day. But when we got home.......not so much. I don't remember about Larry, but I spent quite a lot of time in detention class.

No wonder I got into law enforcement; I wasn't any good at breaking it!

Mark Muckelberg
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