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Generals Fund Supporters

We would like to graciously thank all the classmates who

made a donation to the Generals Fund! 


Five Star Generals

($1,000 and up)



Four Star Generals

($500 to $999)



Three Star Generals

($250 to $499)


Harvey Jester



 Two Star Generals

($100 to $249)


Betsy Zimmerman Lockman

Butch Richardson

Chuck Veatch

Jack Cooper

 James (Jim) Williams

Jon Eschinger

Mary Ann Winter

Mike O'Connor

Reginald Mitchell



 One Star Generals

($25 to $99)


Babs Price Robinson

Bob Pulfrey

 Charlene Hudson Gibbens

Fern Spilman Knauf

Fran Engeman Goldscheider

Gary Swift

Helen Kern DeAngelis

Jack Mulloy 

Jessica Jones Revell

John Ashton

Marilyn Hendershott Stewart

Marilyn Waltz Taylor

Sandy Bowbeer Sorrow

Susan Schmidt Foulke

Suzy Sharp Swift

Tom Cooper

Wayne Allgaier


We Are The Generals!

Generals Donations
One Star General  $25 to $99
Two Star General  $100 to $249
Three Star General  $250 to $499
Four Star General  $500 to $999
Five Star General  $1,000 and up


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