Prayers answered

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for the prayers everyone sent on behalf of my wonderful wife of 53 years Pam. She is being treated with new medication for her COPD and congested heart failure and responding well. She will be released from the hospital this afternoon. What an awesome GOD we have for prayers answered and wonderful  FRIENDS we have in the herd.

Prayers for Ottie Walker’s Wife

Please remember our classmate, Ottie Walker's wife, Pam, who is in the hospital with COPD and Congested Heart Failure at this time. I know they will appreciate being lifted in prayers and good thoughts. Get well soon Pam....

Jenny Davis Penner Husband Passed

Please remember, our classmate, Jenny Davis Penner & Family in your kind thoughts. She lost her husband. What a beautiful obit of her loving husband...many of our classmates may have worked with Joe Penner at Gulf States Utilites. 

Jenny, know your classmates send their condolences on your loss.

Nancy Canant’s Mom Passed

Please remember Nancy Canant Stephens and family in your kind thoughts and prayers. They loss another sweet member of their family...her mom..Margaret Canant.

Paul Arceneaux’s Dad

Please remember Paul Arceneaux and his family in your kind thoughts and prayers at this time. His 96 year old sweet dad passed.

Sending our heart felt condolences to the family.


Nancy canant Stephens

Please remember Nancy (canant) Ronnie Stephens as Nancy lost her daddy & Ronnie Father-in-Law...

The following information of her dad's celebration of life is as follows:



Celebration of Life
Saturday, Feb. 8th
Visitation 1:00
Service 2:00
Wesley UMC. 3810 N. Major Dr. Beaumont, TX  

Prayers and thoughts are flowing your way...we are sad to hear the news...

Classmate Russell Trotman’s Mom Passed

Russel Trotman lost his mom...remember him and his family in your kind thought and prayers...

Imelda Flooding 9/19/19

We've all been wondering how everyone has faired in the Imedla Flooding that's been going on in SETX. Does anyone know of classmates who've been hit by the flooding?

It's been brought to our attention that Sylvia Currie was flooded again; she doesn't know how bad just yet, because she's not been able to get back in her house. She's afraid it may be all lost. 

Please keep Sylvia in your kind thoughts and prayers during this devasating time.

Remember those classmates who are dealing with tramantic weather and flooding at this time at this age...

Ottie Walker

Bill Meredith By-Pass Surgery

Please remember Bill Meredith in your prayers. Today, July 17, 2019, he had 4 by-passes.

Surgery went great, although, he will be in ICU for a couple of days & probably in the hospital five days. 

Thanks to James Stinson for the update on our classmate. 

Take care out there....

Peggy Sterling

classmate Bobby Pope's Daughter passed

It is with great saddness to report our classmate Bobby & Phyllis cessac Pope's 47 year old daughter, Keri Rienstra, passed. Please join me in remembering them in prayers and kind thoughts through this most difficult time in their lives. For more information, please click on the link below:

Peggy Sterling

Michael Legendre Passed

I just discovered that Michael Legendre passed away on Friday, May 24, 2019.

My apologies for not learning about it sooner. 

I do remember Michael living on Swift Drive, down the street from Vicki Meaux and Mary Ellis, in Beaumont.

The following URL will give you information, along with a picture, printed from Forest Lawn Funeral Home. Please remember the Legendre Family in your kind thoughts and prayers.

Peggy Sterling Scarborough


Dianne Jamar Fanning's Mom Passed

It is will a sad heart to inform you, Dianne's Mom, Mrs. Jamar passed. The service will be at Mt. Olivet Funeral Home, Wednesday, June 5, at 11:30, in Fort Worth, with visitation before.

Please remember Dianne and her family in your kind thoughts & prayers for the difficult days ahead. 

Tony Rojas Passed

It is sad to inform you one of our classmates passed 5/23/19.

Tony Rojas passed while at home after a short illness.

Visitation will be at Ramsey Funeral Home, Tuesday, May 28, 2019 from 5-6, Georgetown, TX.

A Mass will be said Wednesday at Santa Rosa in Andice at 10:00 am.

Please keep his wife Tina and his family in your kind thoughts and prayers.


Judy Hilbun Mason's Baby Sister

Our class would like to extend our sincere condolences to Judy Hilburn on the loss of her baby sister Vicki Hilbun Holroyd, 68 years of age.

She attended French and Eugene Field Elementaries, James Bowie Jr. Hi and French Hi, graduating in 1968.
Vicki attended Lamar Tech and had lived in Houston since 1972. She worked various jobs such as substitute teaching, but was mostly a stay at home mom. She leaves behind two sons, Michael LeMaire, Jr., 44 and David (Trey) Holroyd lll, 30. She died from complications of liver disease and pneumonia.
Vicki is also survived by three sisters. Judy, class of ‘66, Lana, class of ‘62 and Diane, class of ‘57 Waco High School. 
There will be a private burial service planned for a later date. 
Judy, know you are being thought of often during this difficult time. 
Thank you for letting us know. There are many of our classmates with siblings who probably went to school with Vicki and those of us who knew her. 
Sylvia Currie’s Mom Passed

Please remember Sylvia and her family in your thoughts and prayers as she lost her mom this week. 

Sincere condolences to all. 

Classmate Gary Gragg Passed
It is with great sadness to just receive news of the passing of one of our classmates, Gary Gragg.
Gary worked for the railroad from 1967 until his retirement. Gary and Aleen lived in Flagstaff, Arizona until the mid 90's when he transferred to Oregon for a few years.
Later, they moved to Clermont, GA to be close to their son and grandsons.
He had received a good bill of health from this doctor for a hiking trip he was looking forward to doing. 
Gary passed the day before on October 1, 2018, from a massive heart attack.
We send our sincere condolences to Gary's family and friends.
May he Rest in Peace with our other classmates who've gone before us.
Sandy Summers
Prayers for Classmate Kenny Mathews!

Our classmate Kenny Mathews was in a horrific wreck this past weekend, in Hardin County, which sent him to ICU with serious injuries.

The above url will take you to the details of the wreck.

The most recent information shared with other classmates from Kenny's cousin is the following:

"He is on the mend and anticipates getting out of the hospital before the week is up. Prayers work so keep them up so he has a successful recovery."

Please keep Kenny in your kind thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery.

Peggy Sterling Scarborough

Sandy Summers Padgett's Son, Jeff Wilson

Our sincere condolences to Sandy Summers & family as her youngest son, Jeff, passed. 

Know we are thinking of you during this difficult time.

UPDATE from Terry Wilcox

From Terry: 

Well, the surgery is over; took a little over three hours; did two bypasses on a legg that already had four surgerys before this one. Hope it works!

I want to thank each & everyone that sent prayers my way; I promise to do the same.

Thank you,

Terry Wilcox

Heart-Felt THANKS!

Thank you for your cards, notes, emails, phone calls, and visits I received when my 94 year old daddy passed this past March 27. Not every girl can say her daddy's been with her for almost 70 years of her life.

Your kindness meant the world to me.

From the bottom of my heart...thank you! 

Peggy Sterling Scarborough

Terry Wilcox Surgery 6/11/18

Please remember Terry Wilcox and his family in your thoughts and prayers; he will be having a 4 bypass surgery tomorrow. Thinking of you during this time.

I asked Terry to try and keep us informed as soon as he can. 



Peggy Sterling's Dad Passed

Peggy, please know you are being thought of during this difficult time by your classmates.

We are so sorry for the loss of your dad.


FHS66 Classmates

Sad News: Classmate Johanna Fasula Hayes Passed

It is with a heavy heart to inform everyone another one of our dear classmates passed.

David Fritche & Dianne Jamar shared the following arrangements for Johanna’s services.

Visitation is Friday, January 26, 4 to 8 at Claybar Funeral Home (old Kelly Hixon) on 11th street.

The funeral is at 10:30 am.Saturday, January 27, at St. Jude Thadeus Catholic Church on Gladys between Major and Dowling. 


Please remember Johanna's husband, Howard, along with her family during this difficult time. 

For more information and a photo of Johanna, please see URL below:!/Obituary

Sad News: Classmate Kendel Gatch Passed

It is with a heavy heart to inform classmates that Kendel Gatch passed Sunday evening, Sept. 24, from a long battle with Cancer. 

Please remember his wife & our classmate, Sharron Girior, in your thoughts and prayers. 

He will be missed at our reunions. 


Arrangements for Kendel's service.
Visitation : Tuesday, Sept. 26
6 - 8 pm Lumberton Family Funeral Home in Lumberton TX.
Service : Wednesday, Sept. 27, 10 am at First Baptist Church, Silsbee, TX.

Cathee Allen Kethel

Richard Karnes' Sister Passed

Sorry for the late notice, but please remember Richard Karnes' Family this week as they lay his sister to rest. Carolyn Karnes Besson passed this past week.

For more information:


Thanks for the update James Stinson.

Mary 'Francie' Lambert Boggan Prayers Needed!

Please remember Mary 'Francie' in your prayers as she is going through some health issues at the moment. Remember her and the family in your kind thoughts at this time.


Peggy Sterling Scarborough 


James Stinson's Dad Passed

It is with great saddness to announce James lost his dad just before the Hurricane Harvey hit the Golden Triangle. 

James & Libbie, know your classmates are thinking about you during this difficult time.

Our sincere condolences. Your dad was truly one of the greats of the Greatest Generation.

Copy and paste the url below for information: 

Patty Cobb Maida's Dad Passed

Patty, please know you are being thought of during this difficult time by your classmates.

We are sorry for the loss of your dad.


Peggy Sterling Scarborough

Lorraine Longion Arnold's Husband Passed

NO WORDS from this usually very verbal grieving widow; just profound sorrow in the loss of my soul mate of over 44 years. So grateful for our two sons who have always, and continue to, make their Dad ( and Mom) so proud for the way they deal with family tragedy.


The above information was taken from Lorraine's FaceBook page. It was later discovered John had a heart attack.

This is all I know at this time....

Lorraine, please know your classmates are in shock and keeping you in our kind thoughts and prayers. 

Sincere condolenses. 

Anita Bloodworth Proctor's Mom Passed

Anita, I'm so sorry to hear your Mom passed this week.

I just discovered the news. Please accept our sincere condolences and love.

Our condolences to Ronald losing his mother-in-law. 

Classmates: The url below will direct you to the obit from Broussards.

Peggy Sterling Scarborough

Classmate Jack Gilbert Passed
It is with a heavy heart to inform our classmates, Jack Gilbert, passed on Memorial Day morning, May 29, 2017, after a short bout with cancer.
Our prayers go out to Mary, their three sons, and families.
In lieu of flowers, our Class of '66 made a donation to the USO.
For further information, click on the url below:
Notes from Classmates:
James Stinson
UPDATE: Cathee Allen's son, Jeff!


Jeff has been moved to a step down from ICU.

Each day he is improving and now physical therapy is getting him to get up and walk.

His wife is doing better with her issues from the motorcyle wreck.

We know prayers are being answered.

Cathee Allen Kehtel

Cathee Allen Kehtel's Son & Daughter-in-Law

I copied this from Cathee Allen's FB page.

Please remember her family in your prayers.

I think most of you have heard my son and daughter in law had a wreck on their motorcycle Friday night on their way to Kerrville, TX when their back tire blew out. They life flighted Jeff to to the Trauma ICU at the San Antonio Military Medical Center and Cissy to another hospital. They both need prayers---Jeff has a longer recovery with his injuries as he's still in ICU. Cissy was discharged early Saturday morning and the hospital she was at made arrangements to get her to Jeff's hospital. Thank you for all your prayers for them.

Kind Thoughts & Prayers for Anne Legg Hoffpauir

Please remember our classmate, Anne Legg Hoffpauir, in your kind thoughts and prayers.

Anne is going through health issues with colen cancer, but has a plan of direction now and is looking forward to a clean bill of health when all is done. 

Also, she is making plans with Sandy Griffin Alexander to possibly attend our Regional Mini-Hill Country Reunion in October. That'd be great! 

Take care Anne! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Lynda Berryman Beasley's Husband Passed

We are sad to post that our classmate, Lynda Berryman, husband passed this past week.

Cliff's memorial service will be Thursday, May 4th at the

Melancon's Funeral Home in Nederland, TX from 5-7 PM. 

Please remember Lynda and her family during this difficult time.

Contact information: 


Penny Mudd Tumbleson's son UPDATE

It is with a heavy heart to semd sad information about Jason Tumbleson.

Joe & Penny Mudd Tumbleson lost their son this past week.

Visitation will be at 12 PM and the funeral will be at 1 PM, on April 19, in Kingwood, at The Second Baptist Church N. Campus 22770 on US 59.

There will be no grave side services. 

Please remember this famiy in your kind thoughts and prayers.

Those wanting to send condolences, their address is: 

Penny and Joe Tumbleson

6505 Westwood Circle

Lumberton, TX 77657

Our sincere condolenses. 

Penny Mudd Tumbleson's Fireman Son

Our classmate's youngest son, Jason, a fireman, was in a horrific motorcyle accident this past Saturday, April 1, about 7:30 PM. He was life flighted to Memorial Herman Trama Hospital with a massive catastrophic head injury. He made a 180* turn last night for the better to the amazement of the doctors; the family has now moved from a 'gift of life' plan to a "Jason" getting better plan; however, his head injuries are serious; they have an amazing support system with all of the fire departmens & family, but they need many prayers from classmates. 

Larry Grantham


Received word that Ronald Thibodeaux did have open heart sugery today and did great! 

Janis ask that her family be remembered in your prayers. 

Ronald is still waiting on a liver transplant. 

Mary Frances Lambert Boggan

Prayers for Janis Martinez Tibodeaux's Husband

UPDATE: Janis' husband recieved word that docters have found 70-80% blockage in his main artery to his heart. At this time, they are not able to put in a stint. He could be facing bypass surgery...this along with waiting on a liver transplant. Please remember this family in your daily kind thoughts and prayers

Mary Frances Lambert Boggan

From Wayne Baker

A prayer for my old friend David Stephens. We had many good times on and off the golf course. He was smart, funny and mischievous. We will miss you Dave

Wayne Baker

Regarding David Stephens

I am shocked. I will pray for him and his family


Fred Jackson

Jack Gilbert

I will join all in praying for him and others R26

Fred Jackson

Prayers for Jack and Mary Gilbert

So sorry to hear about Jack's cancer diagnosis.  will be praying for them and children and grandchildren.


Nancy Collins Trowbridge


Jack Gilbert

Taken from Facebook (from Jack's niece) I wanted to reach out to this awesome Facebook family and ask for prayers for my Uncle Jack Gilbert.  He has been recentlty diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer and has the most agressive type.  He started chemo on Tuesday (Feb 14, 2017) and needs prayers for healing, strength, comfort and peace.  I also ask for prayers for my Aunt Mary Gilbert and my cousins Joe, his wife Julie, Dan, and John as they all surround him and help care for Jack at this time. Power of Prayer is awesome!

James Stinson

UPDATE on Janis Martinez Tibodeaux's Husband

Ronald is going to have a liver transplant.

We don't know when, but it's in the works.

Please keep the prayers coming.




Peggy Sterling Scarborough


Ronald & Janis Martinez Thibodeaux

Please remember Janis & her husband in your kind thoughts & daily prayers.

Ronald is going through some very extensive medical tests.

Janis will update me as more news is available.

Peggy Sterling Scarborough


Cathee Allen's Spouse Passed


Our classmate, Cathee Allen, lost her husband Ray “Teddy” Kehtel, 73, of Silsbee, passed Wednesday, November 23, 2016.
His family will receive friends at Lumberton Family Funeral Home Sunday November 27, 2016 from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. The funeral service is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. Monday November 28, 2016 at Woodcrest United Methodist Church of Lumberton. Interment will follow at Forest Lawn Memorial Park of Beaumont.

Please remember Cathee in your kind thoughts. 
Peggy Sterling Scarborough 
Carolyn Spell Rhode Mom Passed

It is with saddness to report Carolyn Spell lost her Mom, Mavis Spell, 93, this past Saturday.

Visitation will be Monday, August 15, 2016, at the Lumberton Family Funeral Home on 766 S. Main St. Services will follow on Tuesday, August 16 at 10:00 am at North End Baptist Church, 5115 Eastex Fwy. Beaumont. Burial will be at Morse Cemetery in Buna, TX.

Please remember Carolyn in your kind thoughts.

Thank you Mary Frances Lambert for sending me the information. 

Peggy Sterling Scarborough 


7/2/16 Classmate Sandra Griffin Alexander's Spouse Passed
It is with sadness to inform classmates, Sandra Griffin's husband, Ed, passed.

The celebration of his life will be Monday, July 11, at the Church on the Hill in Cedar Hill, TX.

Visitation will be at 10 am, with the celebration beginning at 11 am.

He will be interred at Cedar Grove Cemetery in Trinity, TX.

Please accept our sincere condolences on your loss.


6/08/16 Candy Gillette Woolford's Spouse Passed

Our classmate, Candy Gillett, lost her husband, Jack, this week.

A private small memorial will be planned for friends and relatives at a later date.

At the moment, Candy is battleing a cantagious bacterial infection, so please keep her and her family in your kind thoughts and prayers at this time. 
Our sincere condolences.
Peggy Sterling 


5/19/16 Duke Sparks' Mom Passed

I received a note from James Stinson.

It is with sadness, to inform classmates, Duke Sparks' Mom passed away after suffering stroke. 

The funeral will be at Harvest Church.

The funeral home taking care of the arrangements is Stringer-Griffin in Jasper.

Visitation: Friday 6-8 Church
Funeral: Saturday 11:00 Church

Please remember our classmate and his family in your kind thoughts.

Peggy Sterling Scarborough

5/4/16 Classmate Charles Boykin's Wife, Cheryl, Passed
I received this note from our classmate Mike Amy:


Cheryl Crosby Boykin, Charles Boykin's wife, passed away May 1st from a brain tumor. She graduated from French in 1968.


Her obituary can be seen at


Several people had asked about him at the reunion. 


Please remember our classmate, Charles, during this difficult time.


Peggy Sterling Scarborough
Prayers for Cathee Allen Kehtel's Husband Ted.

Please remember Ted Kehtel, classmate Cathee Allen's husband, in your prayers.

He was diagnosed with a brain tumor and is awaiting further testing and possibly surgery. 

The family will appreciate it. 


Beverly O'Bannion Hooks' Mom Passed

Please remember Beverly and her family in your kind thoughts.

Her Mom passed, Saturday, June 27. We send our sincere condolences. 

Beverly Peason Garsee's Mom Passed

We received word from Beverly Pearson Garsee that her mother, Doris Pearson, age 93, went to Heaven on 2/28/2015...she will be missed by all who knew her.

Beverly, know we are thinking of you during this difficult time.

Chuck McSpadden's Mom Passed

Remember our classmate, Chuck McSpadden, in your thoughts...

please read his note about his Mom...Our sincere condolences...

For those of you who knew my mother, Mom passed away in her sleep last night up in Duncan, OK.  The cause was basically old age (94), and it had been coming on fairly rapidly the last couple of years.  My sister, brother and I will be taking her up to Oregon for interment in the old family plot, where there is also a marker for my Dad (even though he's actually buried in Beaumont).
I wanted you to know that Mom thought a lot of all you guys. 
She told me more than once how lucky I was to have such a great group of friends to grow up with.  I gotta agree with her on that.



Ronnie Proctor's Mom Passed

Another sad loss, to report, for two of our classmates. Ronnie's Mom and Anita's Mother-in-Law passed recently.

Dorothy Proctor, 89, of Bevil Oaks passed away February 2, 2015.

Please remember them both in your kind thoughts.

 See more at:

Prayers for Joseph Louviere & Family


It is with a heavy heart to inform you one of our classmates, Joseph Louviere, lost his wife.

Services for Georgia:

Forest Lawn - Beaumont, TX

Visitation - January 28, 2015, Wednesday at 1:00 PM

Services to follow at 2:00 PM same day.

Please remember Joe and his family during this difficult time.

Patricia Hickey's Husband Passed

At this time, please remember Patricia Hickey and her family during this difficult time. Her Husband Richard "Larry" Shimek, 68, passed away Wednesday November 12, 2014 at Habor Hospice where he had been fighting a battle with emphysema for six weeks. He received his education in Beaumont where he graduated from French High School in 1964. In August 1968, Larry married Patricia Hickey. They had two daughters, Stephanie and Heather. 

Arrangements are pending under the direction of Broussard's, 1605 North Major Drive, Beaumont (409) 866-3838

Bobby Barlett's Mom Passed

Just received word our classmate, Bobby Barlett, lost his Mom, Mary Belle Barlett on October 9, 2014. She was 89 years old. Please remember Bobby and his family during this difficult time.

Art Biggers' Mom Passed

Art Biggers informed us that his mom passed away today, Sept. 6 at the age of 94. She had several health problems, but cancer weakened her bodyPlease remember Art and his family during this difficult time.

Bill Meredith's Mom Passed

We offer our sincere condolences to Bill Meredith and his family on the loss of his Mom, Beatrice Meredith, May 20, 2014. Please keep the Meredith Families in your kind thoughts.

James Oberg's Mom passed

Please remember James & Susan Oberg in your kind thoughts; just found out he lost his mom on January 6, 2014. Visitation will be from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM and Service will start at 11:00 AM on Saturday January 11, 2014 at Forest Lawn Funeral Home Chapel. Burial will follow at Forest Lawn Memorial Park. Lunch will be provided after Graveside Service.

*Beaumont Enterprise
Our sincere condolences to the Oberg Family.


Kendel & Sharron Gatch; Cathee Allen!

Please remember Kendel and Sharron Gatch in your kind thoughts & prayers. They are having health issues at the moment.

Also, Cathee Allen who cracked her rib.  OUCH!


Dear Pat...

Pat, please know you have a good friend, all the way from Austin, TX, thinking about you during this difficult time. I know your dad was waiting there, along with their best friends, Mavis Dent & her husband, to pick up their friendship right where they left off. Together again! Love you sweet friend.

Pat's Mother Sara Jo Culbertson

At this time, please remember Patricia Culbertson and her family during this difficult time. Her Mom. Sara Jo Culbertson, passed away Sunday morning. Services are pending at Broussards, 1605 North Major Drive.....(409) 866-3838


VIEWING: Wednesday, December 12 from 6-8 PM

SERVICES: Thursday, December 13 @ 11:00 AM  Broussards Funeral Home (see above address)


Patty Cobb Maida's Mom Passed
At this time, please remember Patty Cobb and her family during this difficult time. Her Mom, Aleene Bernice Cobb, passed.


A gathering of Mrs. Cobb’s family and friends will be from 5:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m., Monday, October 29, 2012, at Broussard's, 2000 McFaddin Avenue, Beaumont. Her funeral service will be 11:00 a.m., Tuesday, October 30, 2012, at Broussard’s, with interment to follow at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Beaumont. (Broussard's web site)

Sandy Summers Walker's Mom Passed

Please remember Sandy Summers Walker in your kind thoughts and prayers; after many weeks of hospitalization, Sarah Summers' passed away. Visitation will be from 5:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, August 7, 2012, at Broussard’s, 1605 North Major Drive, Beaumont.  Her funeral service will be 10:00 a.m., Wednesday, August 8, 2012, at Wesley United Methodist Church, 3810 N. Major Drive, Beaumont, TX.


Prayers for Anne Legge Hoffpauir

Ann, we are sadden to hear of Ron's passing. Please accept our sincere condonlences for you loss. Sending prayers of comfort your way during this difficult time. Ron was a deacon at Wildwood Baptist Church for many years. Funeral services for Ron will be 10:00 a.m. Tuesday, July 24, 2012, at Wildwood Baptist Church, 100 Wildwood Drive, Village Mills followed by burial at Village Mills Cemetery under the direction of Broussard’s, 530 W Monroe, Kountze.

Ottie Walker

Two Prayer Request: Nancy Collins Throwbridge & Cathee Allen Kehtel

Nancy, we are sad to hear of your dad's passing; sending prayers of comfort your way during this difficult time.

Catchee, wishing you a speedy recovery from surgery; hope you'll be up and running again soon.


Peggy Sterling Scarborough

Prayers for Nancy Dunaway Reed

Nancy, please accept our sincere condolences on your

brother, Matt, passing. Know we are thinking of you during this time.


Peggy Sterling Scarborough

Billy Davis' Dad passed

Classmate, Billy Davis, Dad, Earl Schlicher, passed away June 2011.


Billy Davis

To Those Who Have Lost Family Members

I pray that our God will fill you with new strength, hope, peace and faith.

Fred Jackson

Sandy Summers Walker's Mom's Surgeries

Please remember Sandy's Mom in your prayers; Mrs. Summers' had two surgeries in one day: one for hernia and one for a broken foot in two places.

You might slip Sandy's name in on those prayers, also.

Peggy Sterling Scarborough

Keeping Your In Our Prayers

Pat we are keeping you and your family in our prayers. Your Dad was a very special man. May GOD be your rock right now and always. We are all here if you need anything. We love you.


The Sheriff

Pat, i'm so sorry for your loss. I remember your dad, he seemed to try to be nice to everyone. You are in our prayers and always in my heart.

Dave Stephens

Sheriff Richard Culbertson passed

It is with a sad heart to update you on Pat's daddy's passing. Pat, please know you are in our kind thoughts during this difficult time for you, Rick, and your Mom.

Peggy Sterling Scarborough



Abbigail Breann Walker July 7, 2004 - April 23,2012

Abby's donated organs saved the lives of 5 recepients. I would like to thank everyone for the prayers and kind thoughts. She will be missed by all that loved and knew her.

Ottie Walker

Ottie and Pam

There are no words to express the heart break our classmates have for you and your family. I will be in constant prayer asking  Him to wrap and comfort you in His arms for the difficult days ahead. Like I mentioned to you on the phone, when one Buff hurts, we all hurt. Please know your family is loved from near and far; those of us from across the miles, hopefully, you will feel our presence with you in spiritual prayer.  Love and peace my friend.

Ronnie & Peggy Sterling Scarborough

Prayers for you & your family Ottie

Ottie we were so sorry for the loss of your granddaughter, Abby. Just know that we keeping you in our prayers. May GOD be with you all at this time and always. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Love in CHRIST,

Cathee & Teddy

Prayers are needed for Ottie Walker's granddaughter, Abby!!

We need to keep Ottie's 7 year old granddaughter, Abby, in our prayers as well as all of her family. She was at her grandfather's house in LA---while he was mowing a rock flew up hitting the arttery in her neck. She is on life support and if I understood correctly there isn't any brain activety right now. Please pray for Abby, all her family and the Doctors treating her.  

Cathee Allen
Cheryl Klock's Mom passed

Remember Cheryl in your kind thoughts and prayers with the loss of her Mother...

Peggy Sterling
Former FHS Band Director

Please remember the family of our former band director, Mr. Burgess, in your kind thoughts.


Joyce Noel Crittenden Passed

Please remember the family of Joyce Crittenden, in your prayers, as they go through these difficult days...


Prayers for the Bess Family

I remember coach Bess well. Big man with a big smile. Prayers for his family and friends. We are all on the highway and with each loss every day should be more precious.

Nancy Collins

Richard Bess
Please remember the Bess Family during this time...
Prayers for Hurshel

My heart aches for all old friends who have lost loved ones and for the families of those Buffs who have gone on ahead of the herd. How wonderful to be able to lift our classmates up with unceasing prayer when illness or death befalls one of our own.

Nancy Collins
Dudley Lindsey OBIT

I promised an update on Coach Lindsey; sorry for the sad news so soon after my last posting....


Hurshel Stratton Lost His Dad

Hurshel Stratton lost his dad his week; please remember the family in your kind thoughts.


Bill our thoughts and prayers are with you

Bill, I'm sorry for your loss. Our thoughts & prayers are with you and your family at this time. May GOD be with you now and always.



Cathee Allen
Bill Meredith

Bill, so sorry to hear about your Dad.  You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. 



Janis Martinez

John and I are so sorry to learn of your dad's passing.  You and your family are in our prayers.

Sharon Hendrix
Bill Meredith's Dad Passed
Bill Meredith received word his dad, Joe Meredith, passed away last night, January 22.
Please keep the Meredith Family in your kind thoughts.
Bill, your classmates offer their sincere condolences to you and yours.
Former FHS Choir Teacher, Mr. Roy Bean, Passed

It is with a sad heart, to announce, we lost another one of our former teachers, Mr. Roy Bean. Remember his family during this difficult time.


Gary Gragg's Mom Passed

Please remember Gary Gragg in your kind thoughts. His mom passed away last week and was buried on Jan. 13. I'm sorry I don't have any other information.

Gary, know your classmates are sending their prayers from across the miles.


Peggy Sterling
Classmate Donna Tarrant Passed
It is with a sad heart to inform you, Donna Tarrant, one of our classmates, passed, Monday, January 16, from COPD. Her funeral will be tomorrow, January 18, at Crystal Beach. I'm sorry for this late information, but we just heard about it. Cathee Allen talked to Donna's sister, Sally. Please remember Donna's family in your prayers.
Peggy Sterling

Any classmates needing/requesting prayer and would like their name or to add a name on our Prayer Page, please contact the classmate for their approval to post the information on our web site. If they would like to remain anonymous, it will be ok to state 'a classmate of ours is needing prayer'; no need to interfere with their privacy if they would rather their name not be posted.


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