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40th Reunion FHS Class of '66
Big Bill
FHS66 40th Classmate Reunion Kathryn Davis and Kenneth Davis
Gary and Sylvia Currie Carlisle, Sandy (Summers) and Ron Walker, Cita and Fred Jackson
Sylvia Currie, Judy Hilbun, Lorraine Longnion and Janis Roddy
Allen King and wife Lynda
Terry Wilcox and wife, Patty. Doug Ingram
Dennis Young (Janis Roddy's husband), Bill Meredith, and Don Fanning (Dianne Jamar's husband)
LuAnn & LJ. (Jay) Carter and Louis & Glenda Miller
Anita (Bloodworth) Proctor, Paula (Richard) and Ronnie Page, ?
Libby Ruysenaars Stinson and Pat Ehrhart
W.L Pate, Kathy and Richard Karnes
Sharon (Hendrix) & John Thomas
Peggy (Sterling) and Ron Scarborough, Ronald Thibodeaux (Janis Martinez's husband)
Janis (Roddy) Young and Mary Ann Holiday Verde
DeEsta Meredith, Mary Gilbert, Pat Culbertson, Alan King
Alan King, Dona Keith (Larry's wife), Jennie Tevis, Kay Carter
Ron Scarborough (Peggy Sterling's husband), Cynthia Hanson, Ronald and Janis (Martinez) Thibodeaux
Gary and Sylvia Carlisle, Sandy and Ron Walker, Cita and Fred Jackson
Sylvia Currie, Judy Hilburn, Lorraine Longion, Janis Roddy
Diane Fritsche (David's Wife), Pete Verde
Darlene (Smith) Trump, Sandy (Summers) Walker, Sylvia (Currie) Carlisle
Perry Walker, Jan Scott, Louis Miller and Ricky Scott
Ron Proctor and Kenny Matthews
Sylvia Currie, Sharon Hendrix and Judy Hilbun
James Stinson and Tom Hunt
Sharon Hendrix, Darlene Stewart and Mary Frances Lambert
Darlene Smith, Cheryl Klock and Nancy Dunaway
Karen Locke, Darlene Smith, Sandy Summers and Loraine Longion
Mary Frances Lambert and Darlene Stewart
Loraine Longnion, ??, Tyanna Dickerson and Paula Richard
Sandy Summers, Janis Roddy, Ron Ellison and Peggy Sterling
Mary Ann Holiday, Pat Culberson and Patty Cobb
Peggy Sterling, Janis Martinez, Pat Culberson and Cathee Allen
??, Mary Ann Holiday, Ted Cook and ??
Phyllis Gray and Dainne Jamar
Sharon Hendrix and David Fritche
Terry Seal and Ottie Walker
Anita Bloodworth and Tyanna Dickerson
Bill Meredith and Karen Locke
King Campbell, Paula Richard, Cheryl Klock and Brenda Senters
Ken Davis and WL Pate
Ron Scarbrough (Peggy Sterling's husband), Cynthia Hanson, Ronad and Janis (Martinez) Thibodeaux
Ron Proctor, Richard Karnes and Phil Endicot
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