Welcome to the
"Nifty To Be Fifty Party"
Official Web Page!

Want to have a party for the BIG 50?
BUT you don't want to throw your own party?

WE will do that for YOU!

Invite your high school class - after all - THEY are turning 50 about the same time you are... And you have celebrated SO much with them by now.  Why not party with your classmates on your 50th?

Want to have a small affair - close friends - family? - We do that also.


Your Party Includes:

  • "50th Birthday" Party Invitations
  • "50th Birthday" Sheet Cake in your school colors
  • "50th Birthday" decorations with balloons
  • Photographer to take "50th Birthday Portrait"
  • DJ to provide entertainment
  • Appetizer Buffet with cash bar.


Best of all, those attending are paying for their share of the party!

On-line registration as well as mail in payments will be accepted.  

WE recommend at least a 6 month advance notice to your class and friends.

If you want to plan a "50th Birthday" Party for your class, we will need your yearbook, commencement announcement and the most current address list that you have. 

The database for this event will be created and invitations mailed within 3 weeks.  On-line registration will be available immediately for your friends and classmates.

A second invitation will be mailed approximately 6 weeks before your Birthday Party.  A "gentle" reminder that no-one should miss a "50th Birthday"

This only happens once in our life times and we should never miss the opportunity to gather with friends and family to celebrate the joys of our lives.