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Thanks Van, for calling me today and playing "Girl you know its true"!

TK and I must have practiced that dance routine for 6 months, and yes it all paid off. We were a hit, at least in our minds. Of course there was a lot of good talent that night. I have never seen the video recording of this night. I understand that there is one out there somewhere. Boy what I would give to go back to that night and do it all over again. Although knowing now that Milli Vanilli didn't even sing the song I think our song choice would maybe be different. Thanks to all the Starlets who we practiced with, as if we were really practicing, more goofing off than anything.

TK, I will never forget you, bro.

Mace Nelson  Maraman Jr.

Mace Nelson Maraman Jr.
Remember When

I hope you all are planning to come and hang out in 2009 with your old class oof '89!  I am excited where we all are today but I think of long ago from time to time and Remember when....

I Remember 100% Rambo...Mr Erwin our Principle when we were sophomores!

How can we forget the year we elected Patrick Toney King or was it James Fitzgerald??? 

Who remembers my dear friend Amy Slocum whom we lost so early in our high school years???  Karla Patty whom we lost not too long ago but how she is missed by her family and those who knew her.

How about Chris and Christi???  High School Sweathearts who are married today with two beautiful daughters. 

I do not know everyone's story but I remember so many and look forward to see you all next year. 

Life has been tough, rough , but most of all it has been LIFE!  I look forward to seeing everyone soon.


Trina Dukes Ashadele

Trina Ashadele
Class of '89

OMG!!!! 20 years!!!!! It has gone by soooo quick!!!

We had great times! The Lip Sync shows were AWESOME! Robinson Pride! Mr. Haddick!!!! Ms. Petti! Coach Cherry! Ladies of Avalon! Key Club!

I am trying my best to be there!

Trina-Suprina- Jennifer P. - Melissa H. - Jeanette ----I would love to hear from you!


Toya Rollins
class of 1989

ok well i do not remember alot do to my mind having time loss. but i'm tring. i hope to be there but i do not know if i can. i was told 6 months ago i had lupus. and it is slowly killing my liver.


thanks and love you all


victor chambers
Just a note about our Vice President - Suprina Kolesar

MANCHESTER -- When the six students in Suprina Kolesar's class at Gossler Park Elementary School lined up behind the Thanksgiving feast serving table Wednesday, ready to serve their guests turkey and all the trimmings, Mayor Ted Gatsas didn't stand on ceremony.

He headed for the serving line, where the plastic-gloved students served the mayor, School Superintendent Debra Livingston and Assistant Superintendent Karen Burkush, along with parents and school personnel.

Keegan Roberge was in charge of putting turkey on the large paper plates. Standing next to him, Andre Walker carefully placed a mound, or two, of mashed potatoes on each plate. At the very end of the line, past the rice dish, the stuffing, the cranberry sauce and the hardly touched raw vegetables, Terell Thomas tried first to place a muffin on each plate using tongs. But after a muffin escaped the tongs and fell to the floor, Terell was encouraged to pick up a muffin with a gloved hand and place it on the diner's plate, which he did with a big smile.

Kolesar said the 9-, 10- and 11-year-olds in her third-, fourth- and fifth- grade special needs classroom spent a week preparing for the feast, talking about what they are thankful for and writing those things on special placemats, now laminated, that they and their guests would use for the feast and then take home.

Class members also decorated cookies with a lavish hand, which rested on plates, along with brownies and traditional pies, on a separate dessert table.

But before the meal was served and enjoyed, the students had something to say. Standing in an uneven row in front of their guests, they said what they are thankful for not just at Thanksgiving. "I'm thankful for my mom and dad," said more than one child. "I'm thankful for my class and my friends," said others.

The class also sang a song, whose verses were underscored with enthusiastic shaking of maracas by both students and guests.

"Never give up ... Gotta stick to it ... Gotta keep trying ... Never give up," they sang.

Kolesar thanked the parents, staff and former staff who were present. "There is no way we could do what we do without you," she said.

Paraprofessional Kathy Savoy watched proudly as the students served, then were served by the adults and joined their families at long tables, to share the Thanksgiving feast.

Savoy has been working with special needs students for eight years. "I have a passion for it," she said. "It's not a job. These are my kids."

Kolesar, who started at Gossler Park as a student teacher, is now in her second year as a full-fledged teacher there.

She said the students worked very hard preparing for the feast, as they do for everything else, including the homework they take home every night. Their academic work didn't suffer as the class prepared.

She said the class practiced hard for Wednesday's feast. "We stated the etiquette," she said, including napkins on the lap and proper use of the knife and fork. Another element is talking with your dinner companions, but not with a mouthful of food.

"They got the essential basics," she said, and they practiced and practiced. Kolesar said practice is essential to create habits for everyone.

So for everything they have to learn, she said: "I always prepare them."

It showed.

Trina Ashadele
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