T.W. Harvey High School Class of 1988
Donna Dotson and Kelly Colo at the after football party at Chester's Tavern
Rick Russell at the after football party Friday night (pic via cell phone)
John Burchett and Terrell Dillard
Sheri McDonald and Tricia Bartlett
Sabrina Abney and Cassandra Sams
Tom Drabenstott, Nichole Cross, Sabrina Waytes
Samantha Willoughby
Dean Gochneaur
Cassandra Sams, Gloria Solivan and Cristal Ryan
Tricia Bartlett and Jennifer Rigden
Walter Green and Wife
Gloria Solivan and Melissa Corwin
LaDawn Thompkins and Cassandra Sams
Erick Noble
Wendy Kopin and Steve Kincaid
Sheri McDonald and Eve
Berry and Larry Spring or is it Larry and Berry ;) Too much wine to figure it out!
Vicki Quinn, Mike Holly, Sheryl B.,Melissa Corwin
Sheri McDonald, Tricia Bartlett, Nisha Jarvis
Nisha and Del
Vicki and Kelly
Cristal and husband, John
Donald Waytes and wife, Carol
LaDawn and husband, Nate
Tricia and spouse, Ray
Donna and her spouse David
Gloria and husband, Don
Terrell and Nancy Dillard
Tom Drabenstott
Mike Baer and Daniella
Nichole Cross and Cristal Ryan
Jennifer Rigden and spouse
Melissa and Jill
Barry and Larry Springs
Cassandra Sams, Cristal Ryan and Gloria Solivan
Cassandra Sams, (Sheri), LaDawn Thompkins and Cristal Ryan
Cassandra Sams and Cristal Ryan
Vicky Quinn, Willie Stewart and his wife
Troy Spikes and Alan Turner
Vicky Quinn and Mike Holly
1988 Sheri, Nisha, Kris
Nisha and Sheri
2nd grade St. Clair
1st grade St. Clair
5th grade Cedarbrook
kindergarten St. Clair School
A.Pinesett,M.Smith,D.Skaggs and D.Tilson.'87
G.Fogle,B.VanPelt and D.Webster. '87
Only one person isn't happy to be here, Cathy! LOL! C.Brennan,D.Donato and T.Bettley. '87
Teachers Strike 1986/1987 Mrs.Whittaker,Mrs.Dayton,Mrs.Rhodes,Mr.McSteen and Mr.King
Sorry Eric. But this needed to be posted along with a few more I tagged from my sisters Senior book. 1987
Graduation 1988, Kris Karp, Nisha Jarvis, Tricia Bartlett, Sheri McDonald, Tracy Rhoades
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