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Omaha North High School
Class of 1968
We Remember
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I  remember the North High  rendition of "South Pacific". 

Miss Root's "cellar"where she sold school supplies

030 study hall, where it seemed Jim Philpott spent an awful lot of time reading the dictionary in the corner.

Pep rallies and football games

The year of the race riots and having bricks thrown through the cafeteria windows

The Lunch Ladies.and their hot beef/turkey sandwiches and cake.  I believe lunch was 35 cents then

Standing around the flagpole saying the Pledge of Allegiance

When ROTC had to guard the doors and gates were put up for security

What ever happened to the ones who were teased endlessly?  I remember how cruel life could be while growing up and how it felt to not be in the popular crowd.  How we all looked up to them and admired them.  Thank God, none of them returned with guns and weapons to retaliate. 

Nancy Dokulil (Stenzel)
Senior Year

I remember thinking how cool it was to have a locker on first floor, ignoring Principal Harold Reeves as much as I could. Doing the Miracle Worker and South Pacific. Singing in Madrigals for graduation in a hot wool dress-we had no air conditioning! Working on the yearbook with Sally Montez and Gary Price. Bringing oranges laced with vodka to school. Skipping school during the riots and hanging out at Iver's house. Being in love. Thinking I knew everything about life. Wanting to be a grown-up. Thanks to the teachers who made high school a fabulous experience: Ed Reed the best teacher I ever had. Mrs. Gast for believing in me, Sidney Case for being so darn cool and Duane Ibsen for teaching me about myself.

Bobbie Kirk
Sydney Case

Sid Case died last year from cancer. He had moved back to the East coast many years ago. He stayed in education, stayed married to the same woman and raised a family. I admired him for his persistence, his talent and his intensity. Those who were priviledged to participate in Madrigals and the musicals know what a special person he was. He made us reach levels we did not think we had inside us. 

Sid will be forever young to me, long hair, cool and intellectual. I didn't stay in touch but he meant a lot to me and to many others.  Thanks for all you did for me and so many others.

state champs

some paper clipping of the time

Richard Buzbee
state champs

more clippings from the year 67-68

Richard Buzbee

enjoy the memories

Richard Buzbee


Richard Buzbee


Richard Buzbee
Lunch room

I remember the lunch room well.  The riots when all the "brave" young men walked out and left us young ladies there.  I was stabbed in the back.  I also remember mashed potatoes being bounced around like rubber balls.  One of the hardest memories is of the student that the drill sergant pushed his face into the wall-very bloody.  The sergant turned and said something like if anyone wants to tell about this- you could be next.  Some of the other interesting stories is having the separate stairs for young men and young women.  I really cannot believe we actually paid .25 to wear shorts or slacks for the day.

Carolyn Elledge

The day I was cornered by many of our North High "friends" who decided to present me with a shiv.  During the race riots when we were scared to walk the halls, and in fact, our boyfriends or parents had to come release us from school.

Christine Hillman