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70's ROCKED the best music ever
who doesnt remember photo booths?
Graduation Day! (Courtesy of Kelly Sharp)
May 2018 in Colombia with my husband Mark
June 1979
Back in the day
Prom Night
No I'm not dead yet... Live and well in OBX, NC
David C Cowan spearfishing in the FL, Keys
David C Cowan retired at last
Ocean city trip probably summer of 77
Way back when
Class of '79 in all their glory
Pool cue band
That's me (Blake Chamberlain) on the right. October 3rd Carrying an Astronaut in Kazakhstan....
Good Flight Surgeon day at NASA (Blake Chamberlain)
Military Days - Chamberlain
Family - Chamberlain
My biggest fish - Chamberlain
Ocean City summer of 77 I believe
My first book is out, The Angel & The Agent. I used a pen name, Terri Berr, instead of Tara Hagenbrock.
Here's a photo of my second novel
Husband Joe models a sweater I knitted for him.
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