Frequently Asked Questions

·        Are there any walking challenges of which I should be aware?

Friday Night—Minimal walking is required.  Valet parking is available at DBA, Dante’s Restaurant, located almost next door to our meeting venue.  Once you enter, there is plenty of seating.  Free parking has been expanded in the Northside area, and is located straight down under the bridge.

Saturday—FHS and Litchfield School Tours.  We will tour the new Firestone, now called Firestone Community Learning Center—CLC.  The new Litchfield wing is included if you wish to see it as well.  An elevator is available for our use. 

Saturday Evening—Fairlawn Country Club.   You have the choice of valet parking or free parking in Fairlawn’s parking lot—it is a very short walk to the clubhouse.  There may be a line at the registration table as you enter, so if standing is an issue, you may want to arrive early.

Sunday—Picnic.  Very little walking necessary.

·         I am attending the reunion, but not on Saturday night.  Do I need to pay the entire weekend rate of $75.00?

This reunion is somewhat different from those in the past, including:

o   We now have to pay to rent the Friday night facility.

o   Akron Public Schools charges a fee for a group school tour.

o   We need to pay for Sunday’s pavilion rental.

With these expenses in mind, the reunion committee has done its best to charge the reasonable rate of $75.00 per person for the entire weekend.  The most important thing is that you come to the event—we want everyone to feel welcome, and hope the established cost will enable as many people as possible to attend.

If you are NOT attending the Saturday night event, there is no charge for Friday or Sunday activities.  However, due to our extra expenses, there is a “donate” button on the registration website.  Any contribution you are able to make to help out with costs will be much appreciated!  If finances are preventing you from coming to the reunion, please let us know.  Contact me, Connie, at  We will keep it confidential…remember—the most important thing is that you attend your 50th class reunion!!

·         I do not use Facebook.  How will I receive updated information?

All reunion information is posted on both websites. 

·        Is there a dress code?  What do I wear?

As you know, we are a relaxed group.  Saturday night at Fairlawn Country Club is not a formal event, so get as dressed up as you like, and wear what is comfortable for you!

·         I do not drink alcohol.  Are there other beverage choices available during the weekend?

Yes, of course.  For those of you who DO want to drink alcoholic beverages, please keep in mind both Friday and Saturday nights offer a cash bar only.

·        I am unable to attend.  What do you suggest I do to stay involved from a distance?

You can still go to the website,, and register to get into the site. This site is for classmates only; however, if you did not actually graduate with us, and you are invited to the reunion, you will be able to get into this site.  Reunion Planning, Inc. has your name on its classmate list. 

·        What is the Memory Book? 

As people register and fill out the questionnaire, that information is compiled into a free book that will be distributed on Saturday night.  It you are not attending the Saturday night event, the book may be purchased for $15.00 from Reunion Planning, Inc.

Even if you are not attending the event, you will still be able to fill out the questionnaire and choose to have your responses included in the book.

·        What is the Photo Book?

When you register at the Saturday night event, your picture will be taken, which will become part of a color photo book. In addition, candid photos will be taken throughout the entire weekend, to be included in the book.  The price of the book is $20.00, and can be purchased from Reunion Planning, Inc.  If you cannot attend on Saturday night, you can still order a copy of the Photo Book.  

Also, we have hired a separate independent photo company to provide a photo booth for Saturday night.  Since it was such a big hit at our last reunion we decided to have it again.  This company provides funny hats, glasses, etc., to add to the fun.

·        What is the “Donate” button?  How will donated funds be used?


Off the top, donated funds will be used to pay reunion weekend expenses that we were unable to cover.  If you are unable to attend the reunion, or are not coming on Saturday night, it is a way for you to contribute.  Even if you are coming, you can still donate.  Any donated money, no matter the amount, is much appreciated, and we thank you. The names of classmates who donated will be listed in the Saturday night book; however, no dollar amount will be revealed.


·        I don’t like to give my credit card online.  Is there another option for me?

Yes—you will receive an invitation packet by mail in late January from Reunion Planning, Inc.  You can write a check to Reunion Planning, Inc., to pay for the weekend expenses, and send it by mail. 

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