ST. ALPHONSUS Class of 1974

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Sister Marie Harold Assenmacher Story
May 2, 1964 | First Communion | St. Alphonsus, Dearborn, MI
My first grade teacher at St. Al's: Sr. "Denis" Margaret, later known as Sr. Helen McAllister.
Our St. Al's High School Yearbook Covers
Remember Sr. Jane Peter? Class of 1974, 6th Grade Teacher (replaced Sister William Helene, who left the Order).
World's Finest Chocolate Fundraiser; Chocolate Bar Wrapper: 1974
World's Finest Chocolate Fundraiser; Chocolate Bar Wrapper: 1974
St. Al's Class of '74 Retreat; St. Clair Retreat House; Br. Vincent Reyes 1940 - 2010
St. Al's Class of '74 | St. Clair Retreat House
My St. Al's Textbook: Ideas and Patterns in Literature II Student Guide. Teacher: Miss Roberta Lang
Miss Roberta Lang: English Teacher | Composition: models and exercises. I still have my textbook.
Clare Charles Reding, O.P. – Died June 7, 1996 | She taught Gregg Shorthand Class, and I still have my textbook.
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