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Omaha North High School
Class of 1968
Photos 50-Year Reunion
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Nancy Prentiss, Bobbie Escolas, Dieter and Kathy Tham, Skip and Mickie Knolla and Ed Escolas enjoy dinner before Saturday night festivities.
Jetta Genovisi Sandy Jankowski
Bette Griswold with Richard Buzbee at the Player's Club Friday, Sept. 21
Bette Griswold with Jane D'Ambrosia. Jane was Bette's neighbor across the street in 1963.
Barb, Gloria, Bette and Trudy at the Florence City Hall reception table Saturday, Sept 22.
Party at Mike David's, Saturday afternoon, Sept 22.
Party at Mike David's. the kitchen crew having fun.
Bette's sketch of Daddy Mac and the Flak. Bette had a great art teacher in High School, John Soulierre.
Another piece of Bette's artwork for the Daddy Mack tip tray
Chuck and Kathy Ward and Glenn Borkenhagen
Terry and Judy Doyle
Chuck and Judy Dambrosia and Mark Wetzel
Willie Brye Al Scott and Judith Wells
Trudy Gloria Donna and Karen
Richard Bulena Lila Birchwood Dieter Thamm Carol Webber and Glenn Borkenhagen
Robin Stovie and Kathy Nastase
Doug Andrews and Ron Sides
Ginger Coon Pam Steiner Kathy Tham and Donna Abdouch-Lett
Gloria Trudy and Bobbie
Terry Novak Linda Fitzgerald Kass Nancy Norton
Kathy Tham and friends
Skip Knolla and Dieter Tham
Ron Sides and Skip Knolla
Jerry Bostwick and Gary Norton
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