Valley Forge 1968 50th Reunion
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Bay Village, OH
Medina, OH
Hello "68" VFers
It's been 50 years?...say it an't so!
I thoroughly enjoyed my high school years at VF, and looking forward to reminiscing and reconnecting.
View profile »Susan Decker (Archacki)
Medina, OH
Looking forward to seeing my classmates soon at 50th Reunion
Safe and Healthy Summer to all! Retired United/Continental Flight Attendant. Living in Medina,Ohio with my husband,Thomas Decker, retired Parma Police and 67’ grad VF. Three children, … more »
New Philadelphia, OH
View profile »Anita Burgess (Becker)
Parma, OH
View profile »Calla Macioch (Berardi)
Medina, OH
Sorry I will miss the party. Will think of you as I enjoy a liter at Oktoberfest in Munich and then onto Vienna for pastry. Trip was already planned when the date for the reunion was chosen.
Have had a great life, wonderful husband and two fun kids.
We … more »
View profile »Nancy Hoger (Bergsieker)
Hi to all. Sorry unable to make it. Sure would love to see everyone. Have fun and enjoy the memories as you make new ones!
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