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Merry Christmas...

Postcard picture perfect of our South Dakota state capital, Pierre.

Family Christmas picture...

Mike Wipf: family Christmas photo.

Favorite Christmas picture...

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at the First Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls, SD.
DeeAnn & Bill Stevens with Grand-daughters Evelyn & Mae Gibson.
The girl's are 4th generation members in the First Lutheran Church on DeeAnn's side of the family, the Bonacker's.
We are loving our move after 42 years in Pierre so we can be close to our family!

William Robert Stevens
Christmas 2018 Eureka CA...

Judy Mickelson, Christmas in Eureka CA

Judith Mickelson
After Christmas lunch...

Lunch in Georgetown with my granddaughter, Kayla.

Mary Bowlby
My Christmas Book...

The most important and treasured item I can give my children and grandchildren are special memories.  I saved all the Christmas cards I wrote since our first child Tara was born in 1977. I created a book scanning all our Christmas cards and pictures used each year. This book goes up to the year 2013 and every 5 years and will do a small 5 year addition! I guess next year will be the first addition!
Cover Pictures: Two of my favorite pictures... the photo of Peanut & Porsha with Santa and our children in front of the fireplace.

Mary Beth Howe
Special Christmas...

On December 16, 1998 our first grandchild Faith was born. I saw this joke in the newspaper and knew it was going to be the cover of my Christmas card that year!

Mary Beth Howe
Let it Snow...

This was the winter we had 3 feet of snow!! We didn't go anywhere for several days! We had to use the BIG snow blower to make a path to the workshop. The temperature was warm so it did melt fast, but we have a lot of broken branches. Next year, we bought a generator just in case, and we have had to use it several times! Everything runs on electricity!!

Mary Beth Howe
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