Getting Started

If you are an experienced web user you probably don’t need much instruction to get started.  Just head over to the green “Sign Up” button under “New Members” at the upper right and click!  For those of you a bit new to the Internet, here are some step-by-step instructions that will get you up and running!

If you would like to check out the website’s features before you get registered, feel free to click on any of the menu items along the left side of this page.  When you are ready to sign in and join us, make your first stop in the upper right corner of this page. Under “New Members”, click the green button that says “Sign Up.”

Type in your contact information and complete the profile form.  In the “Message” or "Comment" section type a short note about what you are doing now. Note: Don't forget to check the box classmates may contact me under your email address, we will check if you forget! (Your email will not be revealed to the person unless you reply.)  Note: If you do not want the email button to show, you will need to go back in and update your profile.

Next item is the “Then” picture.  You do not have to scan your class picture. We have scanned the pictures from our yearbook and will post after you sign in. The “Now” photo, though, is up to you!  If you have a headshot of yourself, or can crop one of your photos so that it is just your head showing, please click the “Choose File” button, and locate it on your computer’s hard drive.  If you do not have a headshot ready to upload, it can be done later.  Do not forget to click save.

When finished, you should see a page that thanks you for signing up.  It also says that you will receive a username and password once the organizers have reviewed your profile.  From the links at the bottom, you can view your classmate profile, or return to the Welcome page.  You should receive an email from “RCHS1968” thanking you for your RSVP.  Note: if you do not receive a “Thank You” email, it is possible that something went wrong in the process and you did not complete the registration.  Please try again. Contact us if you need help.

Website organizers are standing by to authorize your request to join the rest of our classmates by providing you with a username and password.  It may take a day or so, or may only be a few hours or minutes.
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