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The streets are all lined, by Policemen today, For some of our own have been taken away.  The bages we wear shining brightly so well, are blackened today for comrades who fell.

With hearts weighted down with sorrow and pain, We pause to remember 'til we meet them again.

We see so much grief as we uphold the laws, But nothing compares when an officer falls.  We realize the chance that we take every day, We work on the streets both day and nights, With never a thought we could loss the fight.

We'll always remember the way they tried, The goodness they showed and that they died.  Our job is our love and tomorrow we too, Put our lives on the line just as the did for you.

So whereveryou do, Remember us now the policeman in blue.

Patrolman Owen Lockamy

March 2, 1907

Fayetteville Police Department

Police Chief J. A. Chason

March 3, 1907

Fayetteville Police Department

Deputy Sheriff Frank A. Dees

November 11, 1916

Cumberland County Sheriff Office

Deputy Sheriff Herman Butler

March 2, 1920

Cumberland County Sheriff Office

Sergeant Daniel C. Chason

October 22, 1925

Fayetteville Police Department

Patrolman Willis Jackson Genes

March 16, 1939

Fayetteville Police Department

Police Chief James H. Benton

August 6, 1941

Fayetteville Police Department

Sergeant Elwyn L. Hargrave

August 6, 1941

Fort Bragg Military Police

Patrolman James W. McLaurin

March 2, 1951

Fayetteville Police Department

Specialist Dexter C. Krulis

April 22, 1971

3rd Military Police Company

PFC James Presley Boyd Jr.

October 31, 1973

21st Miliatary Police Corps

PFC Joel L. Dansby

November 8, 1974

21th Military Police Company

Patrolman Robert Dahlman

October 9, 1976

Fayetteville Police Department

Deputy Sheriff LT Ronald G. Smith

September 16, 1977

Cumberland County Sheriff Office

Patrolman James E. McConkey

December 3,  1977

Fayetteville Police Department

Deputy Sheriff Allen B. Lennon

August 11, 1992

Cumberland County Sheriff Office

Sergeant Ronald Lee Yeazel

September 26, 1994

Hope Mills Police Department

Vehicle Enforcement Officer Franklin Dale Perritte

February 14, 1995

Department of Motor Vehicle Enforcement District 2

Sergeant Lloyd Ted Lowry

September 23, 1997

North Carolina Highway Patrol 

Troop B District 1

Trooper John Henry Duncan Jr

January 9, 2001

North Carolina Highway Patrol

Troop B District 1

Patrolman Roy G. Turner Jr.

November 30, 2001

Fayetteville Police Department

CSM (retired ) Youther Eaford US Army Military Police

United States Army Military Police retired.  Died of natural causes, April 2020

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