Golden Anniversary Reunion 2016 Photo Album
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French High School Class of 1966 Group Photo
1966 4A Quarter Finalist BasketBall Team - Designed by Lori Lens Photography
Darlene Stewart
Nancy Collins
Veta Jones
Judy Walker
Carol Spafford
The Golden Anniversary Committee Members Peggy Sterling, Sharon Hendrix, Ottie Walker, James Stinson and Sylvia Currie (Not pictured Sharron Giroir, Cathee Allen and Nancy Dunaway)
Janis Martinez, Peggy Sterling, Mary Frances Lambert, Darlene Stewart
Butch Muir (Chatelain) Ron Scarborough (Sterling) Richard Crum (Bernard)
Robert Sparks,(Duke's bro) Gary Carlise (Currie), John Thomas (Hendrix)
Becky Stephens, Mary Davis
Linda Wilson, David Russell(Wilson), Diane Wilson, Larry Lacy(Wilson)
Buffalo Belles
Jimmy Boggan (Lambert), Perry Walker, Janis Martinez, Mary Francis Lambert
Brenda Senters, Bob Sutton (Senters), Dennis Anger, Mary Faith Anger, ?
Patricia Howell, Stanley Dzierlenga(Jones), Brenda Senters, Bob Sutton (Senters)
Jackie Jones, Stanley Dzierlenga (Jones)
Ronnie Page (Richards) Paula Richards
W.L. (Bubba) Pate, Billie Joe Davis, Robert Ewart
Sandra Wier John Welch (Wier)
John Thomas (Hendrix) Sharon Hendrix
James Chandler (Davis) Mary Davis Bill Meredith
Mary Ann Holiday Patty Cobb
Ronnie Procter(Bloodworth) Anita Bloodworth
Susan Grantham Larry Grantham
Marsha Fisher Otis Fisher
Tommy Ehrensberger Brenda Ehrensberger
Mary Miller
Tyanna Dickerson Paul Arceneaux
Diane Jamar Peggy Dennis
Larry Keith and Ottie Walker
Jenniffer Connors, Kenny Mathews, Joe Connors
Coach Lloyd Kilpatrick
The Herd
Janis Martinez-Peggy Sterling-Mary Lambert and Darlene Stewart
Tyanna Dickerson, Anita Proctor, Nancy Collins
Ottie Walker-Granddaughter Ashley and soon to be Great Granddaughter Kinsley Williams
Robert Ewart and Billy Joe Davis
Ron Proctor and James Oberg
Charles McSpadden, Phil Endicott, Duke Sparks
Ready for the group picture
Class of '63
Class of 66 Bricks by Ron Proctor's son
Peggy Sterling as Patsy Cline singing Crazy
David Fritsche, James Stinson, Ottie Walker, Kenny Matthews, Richard Karnes, Peggy Sterling singing Where the Boys Are
Arthur and Connie Biggers
DeEsta Meredith-Coach Kilpatrick-Libbie Stinson
Richard Karnes, Bill Meredith Kathy Karnes, Larry Mills (Bloss) Maryann Bloss
Kenny Mathews and JoAnne Hunt
Guest Phillip Bartlett and Friend
Friend, Phillip Bartlett, Tom Hunt and Glen Jordan
James Chandler (Davis) Mary Davis
Don and Dianne Jamar Fanning
Bob and Nancy Dunaway Reed
Carol Spafford and Perry Walker
Ed and Yuka Daughters
FHS66 Military Veterans
Lorraine Longion and Rick Scott
Dianne Jamar and Peggy Dennis
Phil Endicott and Dennis Anger
Ronald Thibodeaux and Jimmy Boggan
Carlene Weikel and Reba Frazier
Tyanna Dickerson-Anita Bloodworth-Nancy Collins
Kendel Gatch and James Stinson
Darlene SmithTrump-Janis Roddy-Ed Trump
Patricia Howell Saul-Neal Saul-Brenda Senters Sutton-Bob Sutton
Jackie Jones Dzierlenga and Stanley Dzierlenga
Ron Page and Paula Richard Page
Sandra Wier Welch and John Nelson Welch
Charlene Curtis Osberg and Gary Osberg
Mary Ann Holiday and Patty Cobb
Bill and Carlene Weikel
John and Mary Dell Littlepage Kalinec
Linda Bernard-David and Diane Fritsche
Butch and Madeline Chatelain Muir
Peggy Sterling Scarborough and Ron Scarborough
Gary and Sylvia Currie Carlisle
Karen Locke Atfield and Clay Atfield
John and Sharon Hendrix Thomas
James Chandler-Mary Davis Chandler-Bill Meredith
Peggy Dennis Stelly and Kenneth Stelly
Don Fanning-Peggy Dennis Stelly-Kenneth Stelly
The Herd
Libby Stinson-Duke Sparks-DeEsta Meredith-Judy Walker
Rick Scott and Judy Hilbun
Maryanne Bloss and Patty Cobb
Nancy Dunaway, Judy Becka, James Oberg, Susan Rich
Pete Verde and Judy Walker
Nancy Collins and Paula Richard
Karen Locke Atfield-Clay Atfield-Lorraine Longion
Joe and Jenniffer Connors
Darlene Smith and Maryanne Bloss
Judy Walker and Judy Walker
Diane and David Fritsche
Nancy Dunaway and Darlene Smith
Nancy Dunaway-Peggy Sterling-Maryanne Bloss
Mary Lambert and Janis Martinez
Sylvia Currie
Mary Ann Holiday and Perry Walker
Gary Carlisle-James Stinson-Phil Endicott-Coach Martin
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