FOP is Family!

Who is eligible to join Greater Cumberland Area Lodge #59 Fraternal Order of Police?

Almost Anyone! See below:

Active membership is composed of full-time sworn law enforcement officers, regardless of rank, who have the power of arrest within the State of North Carolina.  Municipal, county, state and federal officers are all eligible.

Affiliate membership is composed of part-time law enforcement support personnel and detention officers, crime scene investigators, telecommunicators, etc.

Officers who retire due to length of service or disability may retain their membership in the FOP with full benefits.

Associate membership for Greater Cumberland Area Lodge #59 is composed of non-law enforcement citizens of the community who support law enforcement and the purposes of the FOP.  Associate Members are entitled to limited benefits as determined by
the Lodge, as well as receiving the State Lodge Newsletter.  However, they cannot vote or hold office within the Lodge.

The FOP Auxiliary is composed of family members (18 years of age and older) of Active FOP Members. It serves as a support group for law enforcement families, as well as serving the FOP Lodge. It has a structure similar to that of the FOP, with a National Auxiliary, State Auxiliary and local Auxiliaries.

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