We met in the Student Commons to begin our tour of LHS.
The Assistant Principal, Mr Townsend, told us about some of the changes to LHS.
Damian (front left) was our awesome tour guide.
The Drama Room was unlocked, so we sneaked a peek.This is the back of the room, which overlooks a small auditorium.
The seats and the stage in Drama...
The Art Room
Home of the Rams!
This sunny hallway used to house our lockers.
So happy to see each other again!
From L to R: Kerrie & Jim Henegar, Daphne Fowler, Amy Robens Talley, Robert Taylor, Emily Parkany, Vicki Williams, Royce Banks, Michelle Marchant, Caitlin Faia, Sherri Ashby, Candice Canady Myers, Rich Redman
Our Homecoming Queen, Royce, is riding the Ram!
We set up our Tailgate along the edge of the Wanner Stadium parking lot.
We socialized before the Homecoming Game.
Sonya, Vicki, Daphne, Gwen and Candice
Caitlin and Terry
Candice and Randy
JR and Vicki
Rick and Wallace, the GrillMeisters!
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