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Join us on Memory Lane...

We would like to compile a slideshow of photos from our high school days, to screen at the reunion dinner. If you could scan (or take a photo of your photo with your smartphone) and email pix to me, we would love to include them in the show. Email to  Thank you!  

Caitlin Faia
Absent from Reunion

Good afternoon Class of 85,

Unfortunately, I will be unable to join you in this weekend's homecoming events. We recently experienced a death in our family and I will be traveling to Atlanta tomorrow. Sure hate that i am going to miss seeing my old classmates. Hoefullly we will all be here to do it again in 5 years!!!

Carl Brown
Annual Dinner or Something

Class of 85,

I noticed how many people we still have in the general area.  We should plan an annual dinner or something. Most folks can spend a day in Richmond, Williamsburg, etc.  Maybe even move the location around so it is convenient.  Thoughts for the future. As you can see, i am really upset that i can't be there tomorrow!! :((

Carl Brown
Looking forward!

I am leaving Los Angeles for Williamsburg now. I cannot wait to see you all again soon. Warm regards JR

JR DeShazo
Sorry for your loss

Hi Carl, 

I'm so sorry to hear you've had a death in the family.  My condolences to you.  We'll miss you this weekend.  Travel safely.  

Caitlin Faia
Hi Carl

I am sorry for your families loss. You all are in my thoughts and prayers. We will miss you this weekend. I like the idea about an annual dinner.


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