Springfield Senior High School
Class of 1975 - 45th Reunion
Lend a Hand if YOU Can!

Sometimes, it's all too easy to forget that, while we may have all started at the same place, SHS, we all haven't landed exactly where we wanted, expected or hoped to be at this point in our lives.

So, with that in-mind, we've added this page so that those of us who are so-inclined and able to "lend a hand," can "pay-it-forward." We envision these donations being used to buy tickets for those that would like to attend, but aren't able to budget the price of a ticket.

You can choose from four (4) donation levels:

Bronze - $20.00 or 1/4 of a ticket!

Silver - $40.00 or 1/2 of a ticket!

Gold - $80.00 or 1 full ticket!

Platinum - $160.00 or 2 full tickets!

Enter the quantities in the boxes provided and press the Proceed to checkout button at the bottom of the page.
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