Mark Keppel High School 1965
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December 29, 2017, Brea, CA sitting: Eileen (Beardslee) Pirri, Gary Songer. Standing: Pasquale Pirri, Carole (McQuade) Songer, Seamus Beirne, Ann (Huls) Beirne. The start of another Reunion???
Mr. White our Auto Shop teacher & Paul Cella taken December 27, 2015 at the Holliday Tour Pasadena California, (drove his 1913 Model T Ford). He said to say Hello to all his former Students.
Some of our cars taken December 27, 2015 at the Holliday Tour Pasadena California. My 1935 Ford & friends Woody wagons. Paul Cella. Sorry to hear about Harry Spencer, glad Jay Hill & I got to visit with him at the reunion.
Kathy Quigley Pahl family
So sorry I had to miss the Reunion; would have loved to see & reconnect with old classmates again! but our family was celebrating our granddaughter's first birthday on the same day. Here's a family photo taken at her Birthday luau (Carrie Brown Gammel)
Dennis and Maureen Dilley with sons Scott and Brian
Changing lifestyle, changed weight and metabolism.
John Flores, Elizabeth Guerrero Flores, Annie Garcia Costanza
Queen Mary, Jon Lujan Elizabeth Guerrero Flores
Bill & Kathy Sellers in Brugge, Belgium 2015
Bill Sellers at Blarney Castle, Cork, Ireland on a side trip during Irish dance competition
Bill Sellers with family at our youngest son's USAF pararescue graduation 2015
Bill Sellers spending a day on the water with family & friends aboard Saoirse, Long Beach, Ca 2015
Bill Sellers' daughter Jessica competing for USA at World Irish Dance Assoc competition in Dusseldorf, Germany April 2015
Bill Sellers, US Army Vietnam 1967-68
(not sure why this pic #2 of 3 didn't post)
In a moment of victory we took the selfie here
Awhile back my good friend Doug Heffington said he wanted to be a "man" like me. Remembering all the cool things we had done together in HS. I said lets take a hike:
John Wessel & Judy Herman at Cathedral Lake, CO, August, 2015. Description: The Cathedral Lake trail is 2.8 miles long (one way). It begins at elevation 9,880′ and ends at 11,866′.
Judy Herman learning to bake bread in a Turkish village, 2000
Judy Herman and John Wessel at their wedding reception, 1978
Al & Rose (Bennett) Neumann in honor of their 50th Anniversary Celebration this past July-2015
My son Richard and my wife Mary on Richards wedding day.
Janis Haskell (Dudley) with my girls, Nanda & Amy
Janis Haskell (Dudley) with daughter Amy, Cap'n Sparrow, and stepdaughter Nanda
Hey Bill! Is that you on the right or left? It looks as though you’re demonstrating your teaching skills by attempting to show that poor little girl the disappearing art of cursive writing. Wish we could go to the Reunion together but, unlike you, I have to worry about the Migra. Judging from what Ray said about you, I suggest you wear a disguise. Here is the only other picture of myself I have. The people took pity on me long enough to allow the homeless person, who each teaching me the art o
Nancy Digman and me in front of my car after taking it out from summer storage.
Mary Lee Spangler
Nr. 1 Heffington 22.09.2015 My Girlfriend, Maya and I preparing the cars for Winter storage. Fortunately for me, Maya is attracted to older men – probably because she finds her generation too immature. In our travels, she has become quite accomplished in her linguistic skills and now is fully tribarkual. In fact, it is only when she barks in English can one detect a slight accent
Nr. 2 Heffington 30.09.2015 Here we are taking out the other car from Summer storage. Maya is inside doing something on the passenger side obviously avoiding helping me mount the wheels. I suspect the reason is, she has no interest but her excuse is, she has no thumbs. Regrettably, we will be unable to attend the Reunion Activities as Maya hopes to settle some issues that weekend with the neighbor’s cat.
Hapuna Beach 9-20-15
Renewal of Vows - October 2013 - Kirk & Sherri Sommer
This time with a name - The Hardman family minus 2 grandkids and another on the way.
Two Bridesmaids in our wedding were friends from Mark Keppel: Marsha Ferri and Pat Campana
Dave & Julie McCoy (Juliann Haggstrom) and family
Repetto school class picture of 1961
Ka-Anas 1965
Gary & Gale Songer - 1948
Diana, Carole (McQuade) & Gary Songer December 1968
Songer "I just wanted a bite". Silver "I'll smack you". Lulu's - San Antonio, Texas 2010.
Gary Songer -" Do you think the fire is big enough?" Lee Silver - "No, just a little more Gas and we'll be ready"
Gary Songer & Carole McQuade Mark Keppel graduation - June 1965
Attending Broadway shows is a pass time of mine. Newsies was a favorite.
Me with my grand nieces and nephew. They are a light in my life. Sweethearts.
Dan & Nancy Crawford - July 12, 1969
Ella May Corn Green
(l to r) Julie ?, Andrea ?, Sandi Genovese (Fuhrman), Alix Garcia, Pat Brennan, Sherry Rabin, Eileen Songer (Smith), Jayne E Campbell (Proppe), ?? '61 El Repetto graduation Jayne E Campbell (Proppe) Mrs. Rowden
Laura Miller ('64) Eileen Haskell ('64) Unknown Jayne E. Campbell (Proppe) Barbershop quartet for school assembly
Mimi Benson (Lozano)
Jayne E. Campbell (Proppe), Kathy Pahl (Quigley), Sandi Genovese (Fuhrman)
Kathy Pahl (Quigley), Sue Adams Jayne E. Campbell (Proppe), Kathy Pahl (Quigley)
Randy Dietzel, Jayne E Campbell (Proppe)Hardwood Hop??
Repetto 1961 - DiPeso, Freeman,Rush, Bajadek,Smith,Songer, Schaich, Price, Brennan, Hardman
Repetto 1961 Nancy Skaron, Mrs. Rodan, Patty Lloyd
Repetto 1961 - front-Well,Hurtado,Bajadek,Price Back-Barthel,Ostler,Neil,Loch,Hardman,Freeman,Dietzel,Chroman,Rush
Repetto 1961 Donna Schaich, Nancy Sharon, Patty Lloyd
We have been hiking together since we were 15. David Hansen and Linda (Conner) Hansen
1965 Summer Fun at Huntington Beach
The Foote Family Charles upper right & Suzanne next to him
Backwards Dance March 20, 1965 Charles Foote and Suzanne Robinson
Jennifer & Stephen Cella both Mark Keppel Grads , daughter And son of Paul Cella.
Julie Jacobson on Rose Parade Float
Back in 1972 our son Stephen
Kathy Quigley Pahl - Seattle 2015 Father's Day
Kathy Quigley Pahl children Shawn, Melissa and Ryan
Kathy Quigley Pahl grandsons April 2015 Phoenix
Kathy Quigley Pahl wedding day May 31, 1969
Kathy Quigley Pahl
front-Patty Lloyd, Donna Schaich, Carole McQuade, Dee Rush. Back-Margaret Corselius, Gale Songer, Hank Velasquez, Rachel DiPeso, Eileen Smith, Nancy Skaron/
1962 - Mark Keppel High School Campus [left to right] classmates and best friends Jim Cypert, John 'Jack" Barnes, Rob Cole and Paul Heuser.
1965 - MKHS - Class of 1965 - Classmates Jim Cypert and Bill Campbell on our way to pick up our dates for MKHS Senior Prom.
Xavier Amado Arvizu
SP4 Xavier Amado Arvizu - MKHS Class of 1965 - A-Battery - 1st Battalion - 8th Artillery - 25th Infantry Division - U.S. Army - KIA 2-24-1969 - Hua Nghia Province, Republic of South Vietnam - Vietnam Memorial Wall - Panel 31W - Row 31
Bruno Lomeli w/band "The Nite Lighters"
James Cypert - 30 years LAPD
Mark Keppel High School - Class of 1965 - Classmates Robert Hepler - Paul Heuser - James Cypert
Mark Keppel High School - Class of 1965 - James Cypert - MKHS Varsity Club
Mark Keppel High School Class of 1965 - Classmates Robert Hepler and James Cypert
Mark Keppel High School Class of 1965 - Classmates James Cypert and Robert Hepler
Mark Keppel High School Class of 1965 - Classmates Jim Cypert and Bill Campbell
James Cypert - MKHS - Varsity Letterman - Cross Country & Track
Backwards dance, Lynn Young/ Linda Young (Hayes)
Party in the back yard (Steven Smith)
Tim Griffin and Lynn Young 1968
Gymnastics Team Submitted by Steven Smith
from Maribeth (Burns) Pierce
"Still together after all these years", sounds like a song. Lynn & Linda (Hayes) Young
Old friends stepping back in time at Twoheey's in Pasadena, CA. Sure miss the Car Hop Days... L-R: Carole (McQuade) Songer, Sonja Sausedo, Arnold Kubo (Nov 2014)
Lee Silver & Gary Songer find Leather Football helmets just like the ones they used as Freshman at Keppel
Iron Cross
Morning Flag raising
Miss Arzt
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Homecoming Queen 1964
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