Back to School
Jan Kalicki strikes a casual pose on the school tour.
Saturday tour in our old junior high school auditorium
Margie Messing and Greg Molesworth flank Diane Horstman's brilliant 50th reunion poster in front of the Sports Awards Case.
Grant's Reunion Selfie
Part of our history...
Honoring those who served...
A pause for reflections
Tiger-Striped Lockers in Boys' Locker Room
The Concourse connecting our Junior and Senior High Schools
Drinking fountain in the old Junior High
A group of us on the High School steps
Nothing but Tigers in line at Walter's
Our class, along with others, on the School Tour
Walters: Gale, Lauren, Sherry Patti, Donna, Karen (ccphoto)
Walter's: Howard, Jack, Mary Bers, Frank, Margie, John (ccphoto)
Walter's: Lana, Donna, Dori (ccphoto)
Walter's: Nancy, Neil Levinson, Kathy, Evy, Maya, Bruce Mailman (ccphoto)
Walter's 5: Peggy and Lou, Tim (ccphoto)
Walter's: Beth, Julie, Maida, Donald Whitaker (ccphoto)
Walter's: Carolyn, Karen, Beth (ccphoto)
After the Tour! (ccphoto)
Faith Colangelo and Bob Sagor on school tour
Ken Wachtell on school tour
Bob Sagor, John Heffer, Faith Colangelo and Julie Mathis
John & Faith
Bob and Jenni Buhr
Gale Cerny Swanson and Susan Wann Benton
Susan, Patti and Gale
Susan, Patti and Karen
Rob and Sherry
Dori Lee, Patti, Nancy
Lauren and Margie
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