Friday Night Fun
Barbara, Francine, Donna, Shirley, Dolores, Angela
Donna, Dolores, Phyllis
Angela, Francine, Donna, Dolores, Phyllis
Bea, Joann, Rossana, Phyllis
Donna, Linda, Dolores, Carol, Barbara, Shirley
Jolene, Donna, Linda, Dolores, Bea, Carol, Phyllis, Barbara, Shirley, Angela, Francine
Angela and Bea looking good!
Peter Bell
Candy, Diane and Susan
Candy, Fran and Lois
Committee members preparing for arrivals
Committee members preparing for your arrival
David to Jane and Mike
Joan Roth, Margie Messing, Diane Kurland, Lauren O'Neill, Lois Walden, and our photobomber in the b.g.: Frank Turban.
50 years...
Andy wonders if he can sneak out unnoticed while Moni and Howard compare notes on Southern Living.
Donna Moore (Levinson), Dori Lee (Reiley), Sherry Moore
John Grant, Andy Herz, Sherry Moore
Friday Night! (ccphoto)
Off to a great start! (ccphoto)
We can't hear you!
Five Friends...Lauren, MaryLou, Ray, Jane, and Lana.
Friday night at WBC
Diane Kurland Koch
Classmates reconnecting
Faith Colangelo, Nancy Dunbar, Yvette Hoenig Tenney
Carole Sayle and Katie Abel face the camera
Marge Sima Messing Rolnick and Jon Vinograd
Liz Whitney Stone, Sandy Wolf Soule and husband Steve
Patti, John, Rob, Donna, Frank
Gale Cerny Swanson
Karen and Beth McAleer
Sherry and Donna
Karen, Gale, Sherry, Donna and Patti
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