Dancin' in the Parking Lot

I remember going to the High School parking lot and putting our cars in a circle with our car radios on the same channel and dancing in the middle.

Jane Bauer Harris

I'm Sticking with My Doll

I remember feeding the ducks at the Duck Pond (my mother called it Larchmont Lake!). That's me in the background, while my sister Mary says, I'm not going near those dirty, noisy ducks. 

Lauren O'Neill

Short skirts

I remember our Vice Principal, Mr. Sulllivan, walking the high school halls in the morning with his fingers poised to see if our skirts measured more than two fingers above the knee.

Lana Barrett Owens
Good times
I remember cheerleading practices, muddy football games, slumber parties, "cruising" up and down the Post Road on Friday nights (gas was so much cheaper then!), the Larchmont diner after school and Arlene, the waitress, Fenimore Circle Club, Chat and Chew, or The Homestead (with "set-ups" on the table) on Saturday nights...
Ginger Weitz
Snow days

I remember walking a mile dragging my sled to the golf course on days there was supposedly too much snow for us to be able to get to school.

Lana Barrett

"...she forgot all about the library that she told her old man now."  but it wasn't a T-bird

Bob Close
Walling off the MHS parking lot the last day of school

Steve Morris, E. C. Hoffman, Phil Cory and I (using my Corvair wagon) stole a bunch of cinder blocks from construction sites in the middle of the night just prior to the last day of school senior year.  We built a wall at the entrance to the parking lot and used some old locks and chains to hold it together.  The theory is if we used concrete and it slopped everywhere it could be considered vandalism.

The crowning touch was a sign reading: "This Lot Closed Courtest of the Class of '64.
There was only one problem: someone else broke into the school that night and stole some rifles.  Afraid we'd be suspected we turned ourselves in.  I don't recall any punishment.

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