Dunoon teachers PhotoAlbum
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the younger generation, V.Leminious,N.Fisher, SCIENCE DEPARTMENT , G.Johnson-ARTS &GENERAL STUDIES
Vice-Principal Mr Leroy McKenzie and Ms Desouza-Pancho
Miss Natalie Moore, Mathematics Teacher, 1990
Robert Edmonson (Teacher 1980-1984)
Mrs Henry (formerly Ms Blair)
Mr McKenzie - RIP
Mr Lescene
Ms Douglas, Mr White, Mrs Farquharson, Ms Swaby
Mr Jervis (Physics Teacher)
Mrs Gayle and Mr Henry
Sheena Hinds Passed Aways. Dunoon is sadden by the passing of Miss Hinds 6/16/2014. Gone too soon. R.I.P.
Uniform Day, Dunoons 37 Anniversary 2016 .The Principal Shawn Aarons and Vice Principals Sandra Harris & Bridgette Desouza-Pancho
37th Anniversary Uniform day.. Form left to right Mrs. J.Lawrence., Mrs Desouza-Pancho Mrs S.Palmer, ms C.Henry & Mrs B. Evans
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