Buchtel High School 1966

(Many of these comments are from our 40th reunion in 2006; some are updated.)

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View profile »Judy Clifford (Goldwood)
Akron, OH
I hadn't accessed this website prior to the reunion, and was hoping to find lots of people registered here! I hope that others do, over the course of the year. The reunion was wonderful. I was very pleased to see a relatively large group come back for a… more »
Riverdale, GA
Charleston, SC
It will be great to see all of you again after all these years!
charlotte, NC
50 years, Wow! We are truly blessed to have made it this far. I am looking forward to the reunion.
Romney, WV
Enjoyed seeing many old friends at the 1996 reunion. Hope to get to this one as well!
Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Tallmadge, OH
So, what can be said after 50 years other than I look forward to seeing and catching up with friends from (really!?!?) half a century ago! From the "now" pictures that have been submitted here, it looks like nobody has changed a bit, but then my reading … more »
View profile »Rosalie Miceli (Korenz)
Heathrow, FL
I'm still enjoying those memories from last weekend! I think we all look great!! But where did the time go??? There were people I didn't get to really talk to...guess I'll have to wait until our next reunion! To all the committee members - you did a great … more »
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