Springfield Senior High School
Class of 1975 - 45th Reunion
Susan Helmuth
I did 1 year of art school. Then Went to and graduated from Anotonelli School of Art and Photography with a degree in specialized technology Photography. I've been working in retail in various positions mostly management. worked for Thrift Drug, Eckerd, and Rite Aid. Left Eckerd to work for The Camera shop Inc. which was later purchased by Ritz Camera as a store Manager.Then got Lured back to Eckerd as Dual Photo Lab Manager and District Photo Trainer. Rite Aid purchased Eckerd and the trasnition to a more self service lab began. After full time hours were cut to 30 hours I started working PT for Wegman's as a server/food runner. then in April 20214 I became a FT Cook at Wegmans's. Two of my passions are Photography(which I continue to pursue on my own time) and Cooking(I am a big time Foodie!). I am also currently an Independent Consultant with Pampered Chef selling awesome kitchen products and tools. I am very active at West Chester Church of the Nazarene. Still Horse crazy after all these years. Love sports(most of them). Still single, just haven't met the right guy yet.
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