Jordan High School Class of 1997
Melissa Dickinson (Durkee)
Hmmm... well I'm out in O"hi"O (the friendly state) In Cincinnati, right across the river from Kentucky. My boys love when I take the wrong exit downtown and we end up in another state. It's great.
So, after school I went down to Provo, got snatched up by an Oregon man who took me all over the country as we finished college (7 years!!), along with having many babies (3 boys and a baby girl). We'll be here for another year while my husband finishes his residency then we'll either stay or go back to Oregon; wherever we get the best offer. Fun, Fun.
Anywho, if your ever out this way to see a Reds baseball game or see the Bengals play football (who dey? :) ) come say hi.