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View profile »C Carroll Adams PhD (Adams)
Los Angeles, CA
Where did the last 50 years go?

For me those 2 years on the old Colorado Blvd. PHS campus were good times, inspired by several excellent teachers and friends for life.

I am attending our reunion!
Monrovia, CA
Can't believe 50 years has passed. After living in OC for half my life, I'm back in the foothills of Monrovia. Life is good and filled with joy.
View profile »Carole Brady (Alexander)
Pasadena, CA
Still living in Pasadena! My husband Jack and I have enjoyed traveling through out the World especially going to Third World Countries. Am now enoying Searching for my Alexander Family Roots. I have a boy Glen and a daughter Diane who live nearby. And … more »
Dallas, TX
It has been a real "Journey" from high school to the 50th. I have been blessed to be married to Carole (Bell class of 63) for 48 years. We have one son Greg who lives in Dallas too. We enjoy travel, Harleys and Corvettes and are looking forward to seein… more »
View profile »Janie Williams, PhD (Arrington)
Laguna Woods, CA
I'm looking forward to a fun Reunion. It has been such a long time. It will be great to see so many of you!

Attending Reunion: Yes
View profile »Betsy Couch (Ballantyne)
Goleta, CA
Mike and I will be attending the reunion!
View profile »Sharon Oliver (Biedebach)
Pasadena, CA
I think it's great, for such a big class, that we got to know so many (if just to say "Hi") and in only 2 years. Wishing everyone a warm and welcoming 50th reunion.
(Bied!) Sharon Biedebach
View profile »Barbara Holmquist (Birge)
El Cajon, CA
View profile »Sara Beveridge (Bolar)
San Diego, CA
When we are not living in Nova Scotia (photo)from June to October with lots of sailing, kayaking, walking the dogs -
- tons of cooking and painting. Life is really fine. Then we hang in San Diego in our little downtown condo - what polar opposites. St… more »
Grand Junction, CO
Lordy, can we all be dag-gum 68? Wouldn't go back to all the rocky times. Too happy right now.
Upland, CA
View profile »Louise Yount (Carlson)
Pasadena, CA
I am looking forward to the reunion weekend. It should prove interesting. See you there!!

I have one son and four lovely grandchildren. I've retired from elementary teaching and have been keeping busy with family, traveling, teaching JC and doing some… more »
Moab, UT
Still above ground in August 2019.
Enjoying retirement in Moab, Utah
and riding my 16 hands Mule "Eve"
Rockville, MD
Something must have been in the Mirror Pool water...everyone looks great! Even those with no photos.
Rosemead, CA
Glad to have been in the last class to be on the PCC campus. Felt more grown up. Enjoyed the 2 year. Where is Mr Jones? So now its just Phinnigin the cat and me.
View profile »Patricia (Patty) Panto (Cress)
Placerville, CA
Life has been incredibly good: married 46 years, three kids, 4 grandkids, retired, traveling and growing old.
View profile »Paula Lofftus (Davis)
Arcadia, CA
My husband, Don, and I are looking forward to seeing you at our 50th H.S. Reunion! God is good to provide this opportunity to see so many of you!
Norco, CA
Silver City, NM
Orange, CA
We will be out of the country, so are sorry to miss such a wonderful event. 50 years...WOW Have fun!