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Scarsdale High School Guerilla Warfare training

NY Times this morning, Sept 26, 2019 has a article about the Guerilla Warfare elective at our neighboring Scarsdale High school, just a couple of radicalized years after us.   We would have been college end, but we lived through the years.  They were serious.    Really weird stuff. 

Calvin Johnson
Thank you Frankie Pasqualini

Frankie what you wrote is so true, he was a great musician and wonderful man. I did not know that he had been ill or that he had died,  and so reading your note was so sad for me.  At our 25th reunion, he had invited us to his home after our dinner, and we spent hours listening to music and sharing life.  You are so right he had a magnificent smile, wonderful voice and was extremely talented.

I remember we had a saying; "whatever Nino wants Nino gets"!  What a wonderful life you shared. and I know that it is hard to suffer such a loss, a friend that really was like your brother.  My prayers are with you and his family. I do think Frankie that you too contributed much to the band, and you also have a great smile.

As always,

Martha Priestley Rhea

Martha Ann Priestley
Nino Getts

I wanted to drop a short line about Nino Getts. We started our band "The Wanderes" when we were sixteen years old.  It was Nino, Carmine Bellantoni, Bobby Reynolds and myself.  Over the years we performed thosuands of weddings, dinner dances and concerts.  We backed up and worked with almsot all of the groups that are in the rock'n'roll hall of fame from the beggining of rock unitl the late 60's.  The reason that we were the band of choice to back up and open for these groups was because of Nino.  He was one of the greatest musicians in the tri-state area.  Nino averaged 50-60 students a year.  Nino played guitar, Bass guitar, keyboards and was a singer.  We opened for the Beach Boys and Dennis Johnson came to me as we left the stage and said " you guys were great, How does your guitarest feel about traveling with the Beach Boys?".  Nino had a hit song in 1974 that was in the top 20 in the US and did studio work with some of the giants in the music industry including the Isley Brothers and Glenn Cambell.  Nino never had a bad word too say about anyone and he was famous for the smile that would show eighty-eight teeth.  I for one, my life would never be the same without him and a tremendous loss for someone that went 20 years too early.  He was one of a kind and would do anything for anyone.

Francis Pasqualini
Calvin Johnson

I remember you in Mr. Coyle's 7th grade class, even though I did not speak a word of English, I could tell by the way you engaged with Mr. Coyle answering and asking question, you were ALWAYS "the lead". Proud to have known you. Stay healthy and maybe see you for our 60th reunion.

Best regards,

Maria Clarizio Rizzi

Maria Clarizio
Liz Warren

I got cited in NYTimes above the fold for commuter conversations with Liz Warren.  Wonderful story but I should not be the lead.

Calvin Johnson
Life is fragile


I am so sorry to hear that you had been so ill but glad that you have recovered and continue to do so. 

I am so saddened to hear of Nino's death and am reminded of how very fragile life is, at any age but especially as we age. How we expect to just continue on and yet as Ed wrote we need to pay attention to the things that are not our usual. 

I have enjoyed the times I have been able to attend the small reunion in Florida, and that we may have one in White Plains in 2022.

Working at staying well, and enjoying the "summer" seasons of our lives.

Martha "Mimi" Rhea




Stay well, enjoy "summer"  

Martha Ann Priestley
Health Issues

Hi Ed,

I am glad you are home and hope you recover quickly and fully to enjoy your life as it is.

All the best,


Felice Marbach
Nino Getts

Nino passed away last week

Cheryl Benedetto
Nino Getts

The following piece of news was received today, July 6, 2019:


"Date: Saturday, July 6, 2019 7:43:55 AM
Visitor name: Katherine Napolitano
Visitor email: 
Visitor phone: 
Visitor message: I am not sure if you have heard. Nino Getts passed away. He was a gifted musican, loved and cared about his family and friends and an advocate for animals and our planet. An all around very special man. 

There are beautiful photos and tributes to Nino on his face page."
Jeffrey Fink
Ed R.

Sorry to hear of your travails; glad to hear of your recovery. Stay healthy, my friend as it gets harder each passing year.

John Berger
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